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General Questions

Paid Preparer Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 2290 Form and when is it due?

A 2290 Form is the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HHVUT). It must be filed and paid annually for every truck that drives on public highways and weighs over 55,000 lbs. Once you file your 2290 Form, a Stamped Schedule 1 will be provided to you through this website as your receipt for this Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax. A physical copy is required to register your vehicles each year. We will keep a copy of the Schedule 1 for the current year available on your account so you can always have access to it.

The 2290 Form is due annually between July 1 and August 31.

Both the tax return and the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax must be paid by the deadline in order to avoid penalties and interest. This tax must also be paid anytime a new vehicle is added to your fleet for the remainder of that year. In this case the tax is due by the end of the month following the date the vehicle is first used on the public highways. Read our Date of First Use Article for more details about picking the right date

We recommend that you e-file your 2290 Form a minimum of five business days before the filing deadline.

Watch the video to the left for step by step e-filing instructions for 2290Tax.com

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How much does it cost to e-file?

Check out our Pricing Page for our Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax filing fees. We try to keep our pricing simple, affordable and dependable.

1-24 units - $29.99
25+ units - $59.99

We also offer an annual subscription and volume discounts. Call today for more details.

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How can I print a copy of my Stamped Schedule 1?

Getting a copy of your Stamped Schedule 1 is very important. If you e-file, it’s easy! You can simply login to your account, visit your Schedule 1 Status page, and print or save as many copies as you need.

Watch the video to the left to see how it’s done.

If you paper filed, it can take longer to get a new copy of your Stamped Schedule 1. You can send this fax coversheet to make your request. The IRS will usually fax you a new stamped copy within three business days of receiving your complete fax request. Be sure to fill out the cover sheet completely, and have it signed by an officer of the company. Also include the Schedule 1 for the correct tax year with all your VIN's already listed on the form. A list of past year 2290 Forms can be found here at the bottom of the page.

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Do I need an EIN and how do I get it?

Yes - you need an EIN. The IRS no longer accepts Social Security Numbers to file this tax.

To apply for your EIN, pick up the IRS Form SS4 and fill it out. You can either mail it in, or fax it in. If you choose to fax, call the IRS at 800-829-4933. Tell them your SS4 is ready and ask for the fax number. They can send you a fax conformation back letting you know your EIN.

If you need help, call us at 888-802-4299 and we’ll help you fill it out.

These brand new EIN numbers take up to 15 days to get entered into the IRS e-file computer systems. So be sure to plan enough time to get your EIN and get e-filed in time.

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What is a 5-digit-Numeric-PIN?

The 5 digit PIN is any 5 digit number of your choice. We recommend people use their zip code because it's easy to remember.

This PIN is your digital signature. If you need to speak with the IRS about your 2290 Form, you will be required to provide your 5 digit PIN before they release your private taxpayer information.

Check back here often - this PIN is one of many things that may be changing in the coming tax seasons.

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What is a Stamped Schedule 1?

The Stamped Schedule 1 is a receipt for Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax. Whether you e-file or paper file your 2290 Form, this receipt is required for DMV Registration.

When you e-file the stamp looks a little bit different. And there are some small changes in the look of the form from year to year.

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How do I pay my IRS taxes??

There are three methods available to pay your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax. But at this time, the IRS does NOT accept Credit Cards or payment plans for the payment of this tax.

Three IRS Tax Payment Options

You simply choose the one that's the best for you on Step 4.

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What does EFTPS mean?

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

EFTPS is a government website that allows you to schedule almost any federal tax payment online or over the phone. You can use this account to pay your 2290 Form taxes.

To register for EFTPS visit or call 800-555-8778

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What is a Suspended Vehicle?

Your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax can be suspended if you do not plan to travel over 5,000 miles on public highways (7,500 for agricultural). Select YES to suspend a vehicle. You will not need to pay taxes unless the vehicle exceeds the mileage limit. If/When it exceeds the limit you must file and pay the tax by the last day of the month after the month the mileage limit was exceeded.

If/When the Suspended Vehicle exceeds the mileage limit you must file and pay the tax by the last day of the month after the month the mileage limit was exceeded. Taxes are prorated based on the first month in the tax period the vehicle operated on public highways.

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What is a Logging Vehicle?

Logging Vehicles are used exclusively to transport trees and other forestry goods to and from the harvest location.

If a vehicle is used exclusively during the period to transport products harvested from a forest, or if the products are transported to and from a point within the forest, or if the vehicle is registered as a highway motor vehicle used in the transportation of harvested forest products under the laws of the state in which the vehicle is, or is required to be, registered then it is a logging vehicle. A special tag or license plate identifying the vehicle as used in the transport of harvested products is not required for the vehicle to be considered a logging vehicle. The tax rate is different. Select Yes when vehicles fit this description and No if it does not fit this description.

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What is a 2290Calculator© and how do I use it?

The 2290Calculator© is an easy Excel Spreadsheet especially designed to work for large fleets. We recommend you use the 2290Calculator© when your fleet is 25 vehicles or more.

Why do we call it a Calculator?

Because it calculates the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax as you add and describe each truck! Now, for the first time ever, you can see tax liability change before your eyes!

To use the 2290Calculator© register for an account and download a free copy to your computer. Then fill in the blanks with the requested information and save it again. Login to your account, and Upload your 2290Calculator©. Watch the video to the left to see how it's done. You’ll get one last chance to review your information before it’s submitted to the IRS and then you’re done!

The two videos to the left cover both parts of the 2290Calculator process.

First, you download the 2290Calculator, fill in your trucks and save it to your computer.

Second, you upload that information back into the website for review and submission to the IRS.

Watch one, or both of the videos to the left and let us know which one helped you more!

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Free Form 2290 VIN Corrections

How can I e-file a VIN Correction?

Every once and a while, we all make mistakes. And when you’re dealing with 17 digit VIN numbers, it’s easy to do!

2290Tax.com is now offering its customers FREE VIN Corrections on your 2290 Form. It's easy! Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Start a new return online and mark Step 1 as an Amendment. Select the reason "Correcting a VIN" when choosing the reason for your amendment.
  2. Enter only the VIN you are correcting on Step 2. Do not list the incorrect VIN, or any others you filed originally that were correct.
  3. Fill out Step 3 as usual.
  4. Step 4 will not collect IRS Tax payment information because taxes have already been paid.
  5. Your paper form on Step 5 will show a tax amount. Just remember, it's NOT due again because you already paid.
  6. Finish your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax return on Step 6. FREE! No credit card information will be collected.
It’s that easy! Call with any questions.

Toll Free: 888-802-4299

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What is a Total Gross Weight Increase?

If the operating weight of your vehicle increases after taxes were paid for the year, then another 2290 Form must be completed and additional taxes must be paid. Watch the video to the left to see how it's done!

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How can I claim a credit?

Using your Form 2290 e-filing to claim a credit for taxes is easy! The IRS will simply subtract the amount of credit, from the amount of tax you owe. There’s no waiting for a check in the mail, and the instant gratification of paying less tax is pretty good too!

When you e-file, there are only three reasons to claim a credit.

  • If you sold or traded a vehicle you can claim a credit
  • If a vehicle was destroyed you can claim a credit
  • Or, if you find at the end of the tax year that a vehicle didn’t Exceed the Mileage Limit then you can also claim a credit

Just say YES on Step 3 when you are asked if you would like to claim a credit and fill in the blanks.

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What is the right Date of First Use?

The Date of First Use question is a big one. There’s the question of what the Date of First Use means, especially when you’ve owned your truck for a long time. And then there’s the question of what the right Date of First Use is.

When you’ve owned a truck for a long time, and you drive it every month then you’re date of first use is probably July of each tax year.

When you get a NEW truck (or at least a new-to-you truck) the date you first start driving or using the truck becomes very important. Taxes are prorated when a new-to-you vehicle isn’t put into use in July.

Read our article here for full details.

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Do I need a 3rd Party Designee?

Third Party Designee gives someone other then the taxpayer permission to speak to the IRS about this specific form.

It doesn’t matter what your relationship to the taxpayer is, the IRS will only speak to the taxpayer unless you have a 3rd Party Designee or a power of attorney. Husbands and wives, sons and daughters, agents and friends - none of them can speak to the IRS without proving they have the permission of the person who has their name on the Form 2290.

Here at 2290Tax, we highly recommend that if you are helping someone file their Forms, you put yourself in as 3rd Party Designee. It’s easy! All you need is a first and last name, phone number, and any 5 digit Pin of your choosing.

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Paid Preparer Frequently Asked Questions

What type of account do I need? Individual or Paid Preparer?

There are two types of accounts at 2290Tax.com. Individuals and Paid Preparers.

Individuals - If you are planning to e-file your own 2290 Form instead of paying someone else to do it for you, then you are an individual.

Sign up for an Individual account e-file for your own company.

Paid Preparers - If you are paid to prepare a 2290 Form for your clients, then you are a Paid Preparer.

If you’re a CPA, registration agent, bookkeeper, insurance agent, or tax specialist, we offer special pricing, tools and unparalleled phone support. Call today for more details.

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I’m a Paid Preparer. Why should I use 2290Tax.com?

Here at 2290Tax.com we have two unique tools that no one else can offer. These tools can improve your office efficiency by 100%. Watch the video to the left for a full description of both how these tools work and what they do.

Client Management keeps track of each of your individual clients. This makes new returns throughout the year or the annual filing EASY because you just select your client and start your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax return from there.

Fleet Management keeps track of each clients fleet. This allows you to check a box that will include the selected vehicles on the return you start for that client.

Both of these tools are automatically generated and it requires no extra work from you! Tools like these save your office time, and saving time is saving money.

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What is an IRS PTIN and do I need one?

Preparer Tax Identification Number.

If you are Paid to Prepare any federal tax form then the IRS considers you a Paid Preparer, and you must register for a PTIN. Start here at the IRS website and follow the instructions.

If the only Federal Tax return you prepare is a 2290 Form, you can register as a "Non 1040" preparer, which will limit the requirements placed on you.

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What is Form 8453ex?

Form 8453ex is a signature authorization form.

Individuals don't need to worry about this form if they are e-filing a 2290 Form directly. The website will provide a copy of the completed form for you, and hold it for the audit period.

Paid Preparers Need to get this form signed by their clients before they e-file. Watch the video to the left for instructions on how to properly complete this form.

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What is Form 8879ex and how do I fill it out?

Form 8879ex is used only by Paid Preparers who have an EFIN. Just like form 8453ex, this form is a signature authorization document. It authorizes you to e-file a 2290 Form on behalf of your clients.

Watch the video to the left for instructions about how to fill out this form.

It is also important to keep this form for the entire 4 year audit period. The IRS does audit Paid Preparers, and the penalties for not getting this document signed and keeping it can be hefty.

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