Caution: Fast 2290 Trucker Lane Ahead

There are several things in life I want fast: fast trucks, fast food, and fast time with the in-laws (it’s never fast enough…). Heck, I even like e-filing Form 2290 because it IS fast. That’s the whole point of it. But, faster isn’t always what you want when it comes to taxes. You want an easy-to-use website, accuracy, and an all-American customer support team. All those things are more important than just “fast.” It’s just an added bonus that you don’t have to drive to the IRS office and wait in line to file your HVUT trucker’s tax- because that’s NOT fast…

This is Trucking; Time is Money

Trust us when we say a fast 2290 is not the only thing that matters when it comes to e-filing a Federal Tax Return. E-filing is intended to be faster than paper filing – that’s a given. It seems that in all things concerning IRS Tax, people want to slow down and double, even triple check every detail to ensure that they don’t make any errors. But for some reason, NOT with Form 2290. This is trucking; time is money. A driver wants to drive – not think about taxes. And when a driver is forced to stop and file HVUT taxes in order to get back on the road, they want it done as fast as possible. So I get it – we all need a fast 2290.

Slow Down Speed Racer

But watch out! A fast 2290 e-file is more likely to make mistakes. Which means that return you got done in minutes, has to be re-done. Now it’s taking several days of phone calls, obnoxious wait music, and headaches to get straightened out because not all e-file mistakes can be fixed electronically. I would rather spend time with my in-laws than fix a 2290 e-filing mistake, and that’s really saying something. Sure, we offer free (and easy) VIN Corrections, but a typo in your business name, or a mistake on your bank account information is entirely different and complicated.

“Fast” is a relative term because everyone defines it differently. For me fast means easy-to-use, with a professional and efficient customer support team that takes the time to get things right the first time. Fast is getting it done right the first time – not dealing with mistakes later. Save your self some time, and don’t worry about how fast your 2290 e-filing can get done. Even my in-laws agree – fast isn’t all that matters.

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-Written by Molly Harris.

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