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Glossary: Motor Carrier (MC)

July 9, 2014

Any person who operates a commercial motor vehicle on public highways.

Glossary: Logging Vehicle

July 2, 2014

Logging Vehicles are used exclusively to transport trees and other forestry goods to and from the harvest location. These types of vehicles have a lesser tax amount due than a regular Heavy Use Vehicle. See also: Heavy Use Vehicle

Glossary: License Plates

June 26, 2014

Found on a motor vehicle. License plates signify that the vehicle has been registered with the state. All vehicles require a license before they can be operated on public roads. It is issued by the state Department of Motor Vehicles and is to be renewed annually. Abbreviated: Plates

Before Filing the 2290 Online

June 25, 2014

Written by Molly Harris To make the filing process quicker and easier, I recommend you gather your information before you start. This will make filing the Form 2290 online even simpler than it already is. Register With Our Website In order to file with us, you must create an account with us. Registration is totally free (my favorite price) and takes all of a few … Read More »

Glossary: Payment Voucher

June 19, 2014

A piece of paper that goes with a check as a method of payment for taxes. The payment voucher shows the name, account number, form number, date and amount of taxes due. This enables the agency receiving the funds to credit the correct account.