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Glossary: Form 8453-EX

February 12, 2014

The form number used by the IRS to identify a signature authorization form. It is used when electronically filing tax returns. Paid Preparers need to get this form signed by their clients prior to e-filing.

The 2290 Glossary: An Introduction

February 5, 2014

Written by Molly Harris The trucking industry is always growing in many ways. With this growth, more and more acronyms, slang, and tax forms emerge. It is all a bit much and difficult to follow. To help with this difficulty, we have made a 2290 Glossary that includes definitions to common words used in the trucking industry. Our goal is to create a resource that … Read More »

IRS Notice Decoder – Form 2290 Proof for Suspended Vehicles

January 29, 2014

The IRS said they would begin auditing Form 2290, and we’re starting to see it happen when suspended vehicles are reported. It seems the IRS is looking for PROOF that the mileage stayed below the maximum limit, and they are assessing taxes if the documents they want aren’t provided or if the documents provided indicate the vehicle traveled in excess of the mileage limitation. Form … Read More »

IFTA Grace Period Memo

January 22, 2014

Written by Casey Jenkins Do you have an IFTA license and sticker? Did you get your new credentials in the mail yet? If not, the grace period is quickly coming to an end. There is a two months grace period to display your new sticker, and get the new license in the truck. That means you have until the end of February to get up … Read More »

New Year Record Keeping

January 15, 2014

Written by Casey Jenkins Last week we talked about how busy the New Year can be. There are permits to renew, licenses to get and every kind and color of sticker that needs to go on the truck door. This week we’re following up and talking briefly about the record keeping requirements. Did You Double Check? Last week I told everybody to double check all … Read More »