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Caution: Fast 2290 Trucker Lane Ahead

May 17, 2013

There are several things in life I want fast: fast trucks, fast food, and fast time with the in-laws (it’s never fast enough…). Heck, I even like e-filing Form 2290 because it IS fast. That’s the whole point of it. But, faster isn’t always what you want when it comes to taxes. You want an easy-to-use website, accuracy, and an all-American customer support team. All … Read More »

More Than Meets the I 2290

May 9, 2013

2290 (verb.) the act of personally filing your own IRS Form 2290. (example: I 2290 with 2290Tax.com because I want a service that’s easy to use, trustworthy and affordable.) Who’s this ‘Molly’ chick? Hello, World! My name is Molly Harris and I am a Senior at the University of La Verne. You may remember me from the Summer of 2012 when I was an intern, … Read More »

IRS 2290 Notice Decoder – Phishing

May 7, 2013

Back in February, the IRS sent an email about how they don’t use email. Talk about needing IRS Notices decoded!! But this notice is super important because it deals with fraud, identity theft and a thing called, “Phishing.” What is Phishing? Phishing is not the same fishing I did with my dad when I was a kid using a pole, line, and hook. According to … Read More »

IRS 2290 Notice Decoder – Bank Payment Error

April 25, 2013

Ever wonder what happens if you choose to pay 2290 taxes with a bank account debit, and the transaction fails?? If everything goes according to plan, the US Treasury will notify you in writing with the notice below. Pay special attention because this comes from the US Treasury and not the IRS. General Things You Should Know First – You have options when you’re choosing … Read More »

IRS 2290 Notice Decoder – HVUT Penalties and Interest

April 18, 2013

Penalties and Interest are a bummer. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, sometimes it’s not that bad, and some times you can get out of penalties. But it’s always a bummer to get this piece of paper in the mail.   It’s usually a 5 page notice, depending on how many trucks you have, and how complicated the math gets. If you get one of these in the … Read More »