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IRS 2290 Notice Decoder – Form 2290 Schedule 1 Not Received

April 8, 2013

IRS notices are always super confusing for me the first time I see them. This notice is no exception, the first time I saw it I was really really confused. Funny enough, it turns out this notice means that the IRS is confused. So we’re all in the same boat together! When taxpayers e-file and then get an IRS notice that says, then it’s the … Read More »

IRS 2290 Notice Decoder – Adjusted Tax Computation

March 28, 2013

The Adjusted Tax Computation Notice is the most complicated of all the notices I get questions about – so I’m going to start here and get the difficult stuff over with. Each Adjustment is different but only a few require action. I talk about that in more detail below, but first, how do you know what notice you have?? You can tell this notice from … Read More »

IRS 2290 Notice Decoder

March 20, 2013

The IRS sends out TONS of mail. Sometimes it’s easy to understand, sometimes it’s pretty cryptic. Here we’ll discuss the notices that are common to Form 2290, and hopefully make them a little easier to follow. General things you should know First You should know that almost all IRS notices are created by a computer and sent through the US Mail. They are designed to … Read More »

The Preparer Tax Identification Number and PTIN Registries

February 27, 2013

Several of my paid preparers have been calling me recently about this email and others like it: If you’re asking what this is about – you’re asking the right question! I’ve contacted the PTIN Directory’s own Michael Rosedale, the IRS, and Uncle Google for some research of my own and here’s what I’ve found.   What is a PTIN Registry? A PTIN Registry is a … Read More »

Name Corrections for Tax Form 2290

December 13, 2012

Our last article discussed how to figure out the correct name for your Form 2290. But what if you already filed with the wrong name? What if your local tag office won’t take what you have and they are demanding something different? It is possible in some circumstances to get corrections, For more information, keep reading. Here at 2290Tax, we are asked to make corrections … Read More »