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What Name Belongs on Your Form 2290 – IRS Code 4481 Tells All

November 5, 2012

What Name belongs on your Stamped Schedule 1? It seems like it should be a simple question with a simple answer. The trouble is there are two answers, and two factors that go into the question. Keep reading – we’re going to try to make this as clear as mud… The Internal Revenue Code 4481(b): “By whom paid. The tax imposed by this section shall … Read More »

Form 2290 “Date of First Use”

October 17, 2012

“Date of First Use” is a phrase used by the IRS – and it packs a punch. Those four little words describe the date you need on your Form 2290, whether or not your taxes are prorated and by how much, AND it covers whether your Form 2290 is on time, or late!! That’s a lot of information packed into four little words. Date of … Read More »

How to get 2290 Tax Penalties Waived

October 3, 2012

2290 tax penalties and Interest are a bummer to put it mildly. But for the industrious 2290 taxpayer, there is often a way to minimize the damage. What are Form 2290 Tax Penalties? Like every other federal tax form, late filing of Tax Form 2290 will result in penalties and interest. The exact amount can only be calculated by the IRS because nobody does things … Read More »

Form 2290 IRS Penalty Notice

September 17, 2012

The calls have been poring in recently about Form 2290 IRS Penalty Notices – and for good reason. It seems that the IRS issues these notices through a computer program, and if both taxes and the form aren’t received by a specific time on a specific day, that computer program automatically sends a penalty notification. Even if your information was received by the IRS 10 … Read More »

IRS Finalizes Due Date for the 2012, 2290 Tax Form

August 10, 2012

The Original IRS announcement earlier this month regarding the due date of the 2012 2290 Tax Form has been updated. Initially, the IRS planned to shut down the e-file system at Noon Eastern Time and they weren’t sure when e-file would re-open. The IRS now states in this post card, they will shut down at 1:00pm Eastern Time (giving you an extra hour to get … Read More »