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TIN Matching Application

December 22, 2017

Written by Yesenia Carrillo

TIN Matching is a helpful tool offered by the IRS for authorized agents on the e-Services Online Tools for Tax Professionals website. TIN matching allows the service agent to verify information provided by their client before submitting the data to the IRS e-File system.

Don’t have an account on e-Services? Click here for a short tutorial on how to create an account on e-Services. Once you are logged into your e-Services account follow these steps to complete your TIN Matching application.

Step 1:  Click Application on the e-Services Home Page



Step 2: Click New TIN Matching Application


Step 3: Enter the PIN you created for your e-Services account and click Accept


Step 4: Fill in all the required information and select Next



Step 5: The principle of the company must add the participant once the TIN Matching Application has been completed




Step 6: Go to e-Services Online Tools for Tax Professionals to access the TIN Matching Program




Step 7: After logging in click Accept




Step 8: Select Begin Interactive TIN Session




Step 9: Follow the prompts to submit your TIN Matching request


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