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2290 Instructions

July 24, 2012

There are so many ways to process your HVUT filings that simple 2290 instructions have become difficult to find. Do you e-file? Paper file? Hire a preparer? What are your choices and how can you get the best bang for your buck?

Although there are many ways to file your taxes, the hard part is not the form - itís choosing HOW you want to file. Today, you have more choices then ever from which to choose so weíve listed the different 2290 instructions below to assist you in making the best choice possible.

e-file Instructions

If you choose to e-file your taxes, youíll find our 2290 instructions simple and easy to understand! Just register, login, and fill in the blanks. Stamped Schedule 1ís are quickly issued and returned to you via email. If you have questions, simply call our US based customer support center and talk to a real person.

Here are some pros and cons to e-filing



Donít have the time to read our 2290 instructions? Follow our step-by-step videos below to see how itís done. If you have a small fleet, you can do the whole process online. If you have a larger fleet (25 units or more) we recommend the 2290 Calculator.

Small Fleet Large Fleet

2290 Instructions for Paper filing

Paper filing is a little bit harder then e-filing because there is no one to call for help if you get confused. You can easily find instructions for paper filing but the basics are simple.

Fill in the paper form, and mail it to the IRS with your check or money order for the amount due. Then itís a waiting game. It could easily take the IRS up to 4-8 weeks to return a Stamped Schedule 1 in the mail.



Hire a Paid Preparer

Your last option for filing your 2290 taxes would be to hire someone to prepare and process the 2290 for you. Call us for a recommendation in your area or ask your regular registration, IFTA agent, or tax person if they provide filing services for Form 2290. Here at 2290Tax, we work with hundreds of IRS approved Paid Preparers who are ready and willing to help.



The Best Bang for Your Buck

The method you use to file your HVUT taxes really boils down to a personal choice. For many, the time spent reading our 2290 instructions to e-file and paying a small fee is more than fair for how fast they receive a Stamped Schedule 1. For others, itís worth the time it takes to paper file and then wait for the IRS to respond.

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