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Updated 8/12/2013

How many companies in this industry can say they have 5 Star Customer Service? We can, and we have the reviews to prove it! They are listed below for your convenience.

We strive to give each of our members the ultimate customer service experience. Itís feedback like this, from real people just like you that let us know weíre on the right track!

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Jane O.
Albion, IN
5 Star Service 8/12/2013

Brandon helped me work thru my 2290 tax form. He was very helpful and very patient with me. I was very impressed with his attitude and concern with my needs on filling out the form correct. GIVE THAT BOY A RAISE......

Thanks again for always being there in my time of need. Jane Owen

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Byron P.
Surrey, BC Canada
5 Star Service 8/8/2013

Service was excellent, Molly Harris was VERY helpful and extra patient with me. Filing information with the US gov can be difficult to say the least. This website made is simple and with their over the phone help I was done and onto the rest of my day. I would recommend this website to anyone needing the services they offer.

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Tami R.
5 Star Service 5/17/2012

2290tax.com is an excellent company to outsource our 2290's too. With all the 2290's that we process each year, this company is a perfect fit for our permitting company in OKC. They are very helpful, especially Casey. The website is easy to navigate and it is very useful to be able to get most stamped sch 1 in the same day. It has eliminated our need to make a trip to the IRS office. All of our questions are answered immediately. I would suggest anybody needing a service to use 2290tax.com.

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Barbara S.
Fort Worth, TX
5 Star Service 8/8/2013

Awesome support staff and 2290 filing service. I am new to the trucking business and Molly Harris was amazing. She taught me what I needed to know and walked me through the forms. I highly recommend 2290Tax and Molly Harris.

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Ben S.

Just wanted to say thanks Jim, I was thoroughly impressed with your company and how you helped me with the problem I was having. This country needs more good companies with excellent customer service. Thank you once again.

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Youthser G.
Montclair, NJ
5 Star Service 8/7/2013

If you're in the trucking business, you should be e-filing with 2290 tax!

for years I went to a local IRS office (in Paterson, NJ) and took care of my 2290 in person. This meant having to take a day off work, make sure I had the forms from last year so I could copy over the information by hand and wait to see someone! This is on top of having to pay for parking, and other things I'd rather forget.

Not anymore, since last year I've been e-filing with 2290tax and it's been such a huge time saver. All my information is saved, I just have to review it and update it if necessary, and that's about it! Also, the entire team is extremely helpful.

I had a situation where I needed to get the stamped copy of my paid 2290 back from the IRS as soon as possible, but I forgot my password! Casey communicated with me through email, then Brandon and Molly got on the phone with me at different times and helped me reset the password and stayed on with me to ensure I filed correctly. Within 10 minutes of filing, I had an email from the IRS with my schedule 1! Saved me yet another trip and many headaches.

While I didn't speak with the rest of the team today, in the past I've had good experiences with Jim, so I'm sure everyone on staff is friendly and qualified to help.

This service is well worth the money, I greatly recommend it.

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Lori A.
Linden, CA
5 Star Service 8/7/2013

Brandon was very helpful and explained everything extremely well to us. It was a pleasure doing business with them. He explained everything extremely well and clearly.

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Tania C.
5 Star Service 5/15/2012

2290Tax great for Canadian Companies.
As a service provider based out of Canada, 2290tax.com has provided us with the most courteous and reliable services. Casey and Jim have been an absolute pleasure to work with they are always happy to answers any and all of my questions. The website is easy to navigate and provide useful tools to process 2290's quickly and efficiently - 24 hr turn around time. It would be impossible to find another company who provides such unbelievable customer service, easy to use website and great rates. Highly recommend 2290tax.com to any Canadian (as well as US) companies looking for a tax preparation company. Thanks 2290tax.com for all your help and service.

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Betsie B.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
5 Star Service 7/30/2013

http://2290Tax.com always reminds me when to file my taxes, so I am never late. Molly has helped me fill out this form for the past two filings and she is such a sweetheart. I will continue to do business with them every year because of the level of service I receive. I highly recommend this company.

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Paul J.
5 Star Service 5/11/2012

Great Resource!!
2290tax.com has been a great resource for The Permit Shop Inc.. We have saved time using them which has improved our efficiency. Their website is equipped with many useful tools to save time such as their client management link to help keep track of the customerís information and vehicles. Also they offer tutorials to help navigate through their website. 2290tax.com has great customer service - always willing to answer questions and help. We would highly recommend 2290tax.com for any company needing help in filing 2290ís.

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Renee F.


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Lucky B.
Los Angeles, CA
5 Star Service 7/15/2013

I just love their service! very friendly and efficient!
they helped me through the whole process!
even though I was making a lot of mistake and calling back every 5 minutes because It was my first time, they were very patient with me!
and I adore Molly the most! she is so helpful and accommodating!
I highly recommend this establishment!

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Shellee T.
Brookland, AR
5 Star Service 7/29/2013

Every one is so friendly. Brandon walked me through the entire process! He was very patient and answered all of my questions. He made it seem simple and it didn't take long at all. I will definitely be filing with them again! And I will be recommending them to all our trucking friends!

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Tina G.
Canton, GA

This co is wonderful. I started @ top of IRS e-2290 filers list & all I got were promises to call back within 24 hrs. I went to near the bottom & they actually answered the phone & a real person talked to me (Casey's Dad). When my security settings on computer wouldn't let me in Casey talked me through filing & within 15 min I had my 2290V form & a promise of getting my 2290 form within an hour or less. I recommend using these folks

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Thank You Casey for helping me out with my 2290 form.. Your Mom and Dad were great also!! Please tell them I said Merry Christmas and I hope you have a happy new Year to come..

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Kathy B.
5 Star Service 5/9/2012

Prompt and Courteous Service
Excellent experience with this company!! Customer service is friendly, knowledgeable, and available. The returns are easy to complete, the fee is more than reasonable and I was able to receive the stamped schedule 1 within the hour! Couldn't ask for more, I highly recommend their services.

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Jet F.
Comanche, TX
5 Star Service 7/25/2013

They were a huge help to me for our company. I dealt with Brandon and he even found us a refund. I would recommend them to anyone.

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5 Star Service 5/9/2012

2290Tax.com Best Tax Provider!
TCS is a Third Party MVD Company for the State of AZ. Due to the number of 2290 fillings that we processed annually with the IRS we had to find a Tax Provider. After an extent search we came across 2290Tax.com. It is the best in the industry, we are very well pleased not only with the easy website but with the GREAT customer service from Casey, Jim, Nancy and other staff. We are thankful to have found such a great 2290 provider. 2290 filling in one of the many services that we offer here at TCS, it takes a big load of our back to go through 2290Tax.com to process our 2290's. No issue with the website, fee's and customer service. We recommend this website to our other customer's that want to do their 2290. Thank you 2290Tax.

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Timothy M.
Edneyville, NC
5 Star Service 7/22/2013

Such a great experience! First time we have used the e-file method and the SERVICE was INCREDIBLE! Molly was very helpful and patient with me. Molly has to be the best representative of any company we have worked with. Molly and http://2290tax.comwill be who we use again and again! Great Job! Thanks for all your help!

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Karen T.
San Diego, CA
5 Star Service 7/22/2013

This is an amazing service. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. Even when I make a mistake they are helpful. This service saves me time and frustration, meaning I don't have to drive downtown, find parking and sit in an uncomfortable and unfriendly government lobby and deal with bored federal employees. I would recommend this service to anyone without reservation. Molly is truly amazing and friendly, you can see her smile over the phone. Brandon was very patient, caring and understanding while helping me correct my major error.
Karen Toole of RC Toole Transport

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Al T.
Mansfield, OH
5 Star Service 7/19/2013

Great service! They took fairly complex tax jargon and made the filing easy and pain free. Highly recommend the company! I worked with Molly and she has to be one of the best online representatives that I have ever talked to. She even followed up with an e-mail to let me know my returns were filed. Great service and great employee!

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Lisa C.
5 Star Service 6/20/2011

I have processed hundreds of transactions with 2290tax.com and have never had a problem. Everyone in the office is very kind and knowledgeable, as well as being eager to help. I highly recommend them for your 2290 needs!

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Sidney C.

God bless you and thank you for an awesome service. Your staff, Jim and Casey, returned calls immediately and were extremely helpful. The forms couldn't have been easier to understand and fill out. All I can say is WOW, way to go team! Thank you!

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Janine R.
Shippenville, PA
5 Star Service 7/19/2013

I would highly recommend using 2290 Tax. We all know that as much as we want to believe it, things are not always as simple as they should be and questions/problems do sometimes arise. Molly was so very helpful. She made sure that my filing was accepted and that I received the stamped Schedule 1. Thanks, Molly!!!!

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Jeffery P.
5 Star Service 6/16/2011

Unbelievable Service, everyone in the office is more than gracious in dealing with folks like me who are not in tune with anything to do with tax... They make it easy with a complete tutorial on line and a movie! I have alot of large accounts and dealing with someone new has always been a challenge, it sure is nice to know I have Casey and her team in my corner. Thanks Again Everyone Dr.P

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Margaret H.
Moulton, TX
5 Star Service 7/12/2013

This was my first time getting our information filed and I dealt with Molly at 2290tax. She was fantastic! We talked several times and she was always so helpful and always remembered me. This type of employee is vary rare and I felt like she went beyond the call of duty. She was great and hope to deal with her whenever I need your service again. Great Job!

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Julie V

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I filed our companies 2290 using your site today and I could not be happier. Super friendly site, super easy to use and fast! Did I say thank you? I've use other sites in the past but never again. Short of having someone else do it for me, this was soooooooo easy.

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Perry B.
Greenwood, DE
5 Star Service 7/20/2012

Every person I dealt with was very patient and helpful. I can't remember from year to year just what to do. 2290 Tax kept me on track.

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Margaret L.
South Pasadena, CA
5 Star Service 7/9/2012

Using 2290 Tax is fairly easy and very affordable. Since I only file this return once a year, sometimes I forget exactly what I need to do but the staff at 2290 Tax is just a phone call away. Every person there is infinitely patient and will stay with you until you are completely satisfied with the results. No question is too small. Once the return is completed, it is electronically submitted to the IRS. Then, a copy of the e-filed Schedule 1 is e-mailed to me. It can't get any better than this. I highly recommend using this service that is accurate, timely and an extremely good value.

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Les F.

Just so you know, I think that you are freaking FANTASTIC!!! Maybe even super hero...

I can see it now "CASEY SUPER HEROINE 2290 TAX.COM"

Thanks so much Casey...

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Karan P. Houston, TX

Casey, You made my ERROR must less painful. Thank you a million, you are so very nice!

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Peyton L.
Autaugaville, AL
5 Star Service 8/16/2012

I was extremely impressed. I called from Alabama to get a 2290 tax form. I was walked though the process at every step and was given all the time in the world to complete it. I talked with a young lady named Molly, and she did an outstanding job of informing me how to do something that I had no clue of how to do. Out of all the web-sites that I looked at, they were the only ones that allowed you to talk to a real person. That was the reason that they were chosen. I would recommend them to everyone. Great job guys!