Changes to the 2015/2016 Form 2290

This year the Form 2290 is going through two big changes with the way they collect information for Credits on vehicles that are sold during the tax year. First there is something the seller must do, and second something the buyer must do.

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IRS Notice Decoder – Canadian Postcard

Many Canadians have been receiving the post card below.  To most, this probably isn’t big news. But to a few, and especially with the new FRP plan getting started, it’s a big change. This article is mostly for Canadians – but is probably good advice for anyone who wants to cross the US/Canada boarder.


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IRS Labor Day Shut Down

It’s happening once again. The IRS is shutting down for Labor Day.

The Official IRS Due Date this year is Tuesday September 2nd. But thanks to this shut down – that’s going to be a very tight squeeze. Please try and get your 2290’s done by Friday August 29th by 5:00 PM Pacific Time – before this shut down starts just to be safe. We’re happy to try and help you get out of any penalties and interest – but it’s better if they don’t get assessed in the first place.

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Truckers: First Class Forever

This happened!  A friend of painted a picture for us when we moved into our new offices on Route66.   How he came up with the idea is a whole other story, but it got me to thinking…why haven’t I ever seen a real stamp like that?  I’d buy that stamp in bulk and use it for all our mail – if such a stamp existed!  The message is right on – Truckers are “First Class Forever” in our eyes.

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IRS Notice Decoder – Form 2290 Proof for Suspended Vehicles

The IRS said they would begin auditing Form 2290, and we’re starting to see it happen when suspended vehicles are reported. It seems the IRS is looking for PROOF that the mileage stayed below the maximum limit, and they are assessing taxes if the documents they want aren’t provided or if the documents provided indicate the vehicle traveled in excess of the mileage limitation.

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IRS Computer Basics

We get tons of Form 2290 questions about how the IRS works and how e-file works. The short answer is that,  “it’s complicated.” The long answer is that the IRS has such a big job to do that they need more than one type of computer to get everything done. Below is a simple explanation of just the basics. We’ll only talk about two of the IRS computer systems, and call them Computer A and Computer  B.

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E-Tax: Making Things Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

It is the beginning of August, the sun feels like it’s shining brighter than it ever has before, and all I can think about is how good an ice cold glass of lemonade would taste right now. That glass of lemonade would taste even more refreshing if I were a truck driver who worked outside in this heat all day. But it’s that time of the year where the lemonade has to wait and all owner/operators of trucks need to file those Form 2290’s. Thankfully, e-Tax exists to make filing quick and easy. This results fewer fines and penalties. Fewer fines and penalties mean you can buy more lemonade, among other things…

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