Hurricane Florence Carrier Information Center

The IRS, IFTA and IRP are assisting carriers affected by Hurricane Florence through emergency waivers and tax relief and assistance. Check this page frequently, as updates are posted as soon as they are received.

  • Kentucky, In response to Hurricane Florence, Kentucky has suspended registration requirements and put in place exemptions of hours of service and stoppage in weigh stations.
  • Virginia, Virginia has granted a temporary waiver of registration and licensing requirements and normal weight and width restrictions for vehicles transporting essential emergency supplies and services in response to Hurricane Florence.
  • Alabama, Alabama has ordered the temporary suspension of IRP and IFTA requirements for motor vehicles engaged in disaster relief to areas affected by Hurricane Florence.
  • Georgia, In response to Hurricane Florence, Georgia is granting a temporary suspension of hours of service and will be issuing permits for vehicles operating outside the normal weight, height and length restrictions.
  • Tennessee, Tennessee has granted a temporary suspension of IRP and IFTA requirements for any motor vehicle traveling through Tennessee engaged in disaster relief efforts.
  • New Jersey, New Jersey has granted a temporary waiver of IRP and IFTA requirements for any motor vehicle traveling through New Jersey engaged in disaster relief efforts.

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Written by Yesenia Carrillo

ELD Key Things to Know

Effective as of today, truckers who use paper log books will need to have a FMCSA approved ELD installed in their truck. Failure to comply with the electronic log mandate results in high fines or in mandatory shut down of businesses.

It is in the best interest of all truckers to be informed and prepared. Doing so will save time and money. With so many ELD options out there, how do you know you are selecting a reliable ELD? Here are some ELD key things to know before choosing an ELD.

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Form 2290 Schedule 1 IRS Fax Number Request

A request of your stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS takes just a few steps. Be sure you have already filed Form 2290 and fully paid 2290 taxes. The IRS cannot send you copy of your stamped Schedule 1 if it has not been filed.

The IRS faxes your stamped Schedule 1 within three business days of receiving the fax request. Include a completed Schedule 1 for the correct tax year with all your VIN’s already listed on the form and have it signed by an officer of the company with your fax cover sheet.

IRS Fax Number Cover Sheet

For your convenience, a fax cover sheet containing the fax number is provided below.

Fax Cover Sheet

IRS Fax Number: 855-386-5124

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Written by Yesenia Carrillo

Choosing The Right Person to Prepare Your Taxes

Who Will Prepare Your Taxes?

The tax filing season starts on July 1st, giving ample time to encourage taxpayers to start thinking about who will prepare their Form 2290. It is more common than not that fly-by-night preparers are targeting unsuspecting taxpayers. These taxpayers are lured in and then are left to fend for their own when a problem arises. E-filing can be simple, fast and secure if and only if you choose the right person to prepare your taxes.

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The “Ghost” Tax Return Preparer

Don’t be a Ghost!

The IRS recently issued a quick alert about what they call “Ghost Preparers.” People who prepare or help prepare federal tax forms, but don’t sign them as the preparer, are considered “Ghosts.”

Apparently, some of these “Ghosts” are dishonest about who they are, committing refund fraud, or otherwise scamming the taxpayer.

Here at 2290Tax we’ve always tried to help educate our Preparers about what the IRS requires of them[i], and this is an example of why.

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Common Errors for First Time e-File Users

On daily basis we are told by customers that they are new to trucking having just purchased their first truck and now they are being asked to file this 2290. They have no clue what is and what its for. All they want is to startworking but they need the 2290 first. With new beginnings there comes a time when you are confronted with having to get over some obstacles. Starting a new trucking business is no different. has compiled a list of common errors for first time e-File users that facilitate and ease some of the confusion when filing a Form 2290 for the first time.


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Electronic DMV 2290 Submission Pilot Program

As part of’s mission to continually serve the trucking industry, we are always looking for ways to create top of the line tools and resources that revolutionize industry norms. We are happy to announce’s new pilot program that aims to do just that – the Electronic DMV 2290 Submission Pilot Program.

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