Altering a Tax Form: Don’t Do It!

It isn’t unusual to make mistakes on a tax form so don’t feel like you are the only one. The good thing is that there are ways to correct them. Filing an amended tax form is an option that is available to correct a mistake. Their are only three types of corrections that can be made electronically: vin correction, change in vehicle weight, and mileage limit exceeded, however any other type of corrections can be submitted through paper form.

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Name Corrections for Tax Form 2290

Our last article discussed how to figure out the correct name for your Form 2290. But what if you already filed with the wrong name? What if your local tag office won’t take what you have and they are demanding something different?

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What Name Belongs on Your Form 2290 – IRS Code 4481 Tells All

What Name belongs on your Stamped Schedule 1? It seems like it should be a simple question with a simple answer. The trouble is there are two answers, and two factors that go into the question. Keep reading – we’re going to try to make this as clear as mud…

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