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More Than Meets the I 2290

May 9, 2013

2290 (verb.) the act of personally filing your own IRS Form 2290. (example: I 2290 with 2290Tax.com because I want a service that’s easy to use, trustworthy and affordable.)

Who’s this ‘Molly’ chick?

Hello, World! My name is Molly Harris and I am a Senior at the University of La Verne. You may remember me from the Summer of 2012 when I was an intern, and now I’m back as an employee. Why do I work here? Well, we all want a job we can be proud of, and there is more to 2290Tax.com than meets the eye. I 2290 with 2290Tax because we make things simple for our customers. Life is complicated. Love is complicated. Trucking is complicated. Don’t even get me started about how complicated taxes are.

Easy to Use System

I 2290 with 2290Tax.com because they lessen the complications. I get so frustrated when I go to websites that harass me with ads for weight loss and online dating. No thanks – taxes are hard enough without distractions! That’s why we don’t bother anyone with ads, or spam – we just want to help make e-filing your 2290 Tax Form as easy as possible. We keep it simple, guiding you directly through each step one question at a time. If that’s not simple enough, we’re just a phone call away. Which brings me to my next point.

Service You Can Trust

I 2290 with 2290Tax.com because I want truckers like my dad to get service they can trust, and I enjoy being a part of a knowledgeable, All-American customer support team. When you e-file you share your private tax information like bank accounts and Federal Tax ID numbers. I 2290 with 2290Tax.com because I want our customers to have the peace-of-mind that their private information is protected by an All-American company, not outsourced to Lord knows where. Keeping it All-American also makes it easier to understand and as stress-free as taxes get. There’s nothing like talking to someone on the other side of the world about your very American tax questions…and hoping they understand it better than you…

Affordable Prices

And lastly, I 2290 with 2290Tax.com because I believe in working for a company who provides affordable services to truck drivers. With all we have to offer you, it’s just an added bonus that you won’t be spending a lot of money or time on the process.

How do you 2290?

There definitely is more to 2290Tax than meets the eye, and more to my 2290 customer service than you might expect. What about you? How do you 2290? Share your thoughts and feedback via Facebook, Twitter and Yelp.

-Written by Molly Harris