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Trust us - a fast 2290 isnít always better

May 23, 2012.

Every single day, I take a call that goes a little something like this:

Caller: How long does it take to get my 2290?
Me: Itís pretty fast! Most of our customers take about an hour or two from start to finish.
Caller: But I need it right now!! And that other website said they could do it in minutes!
Me: Do those minutes include the time it takes you to use their site?
Caller: I donít knowÖ
Me: And what about how long it takes you to review your VINs?
Caller: I donít knowÖ.
Me: And how available where they to help you? Did they sound American over the phone? Do they offer any support AFTER your tax return has been e-filed?
Caller: I donít knowÖ

At this point callers realize that a fast 2200 isnít the only thing that matters. Especially when youíre e-filing a Federal tax return.

In all things IRS Tax - people tend to want to slow down and be sure they donít make mistakes. But for some reason - NOT with 2290ís. Itís the nature of the trucking industry that there is SO much to do (permits, licensing, safety, record keeping, oh! and driving) that most of it gets done at the last moment. So I understand the need for a fast 2290.

But trust us when we say that a fast 2290 isnít a better 2290. Weíve e-filed hundreds of VIN Corrections recently.

A fast 2290 is one that is more likely to contain mistakes. Which means that fast 2290 you got done in minutes, has to be re-done and now itís taking days to get straightened out because not all fast 2290 mistakes can be fixed electronically!

Sure a VIN Correction is easy and free but a typo in your business name, or a mistake on your bank account number is a whole different ballgame to get corrected.

Save your self some time, and donít worry about how fast your 2290 can get done. Donít get caught up in the advertising of Express this, and ASAP that. Because e-file IS fast - thatís the whole point.