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What is Form 2290 Electronic Filing?

July 30, 2012

Form 2290 was originally created by the federal government in the 1950ís as a tax levied on truck drivers for the purpose of maintaining highways across the United States and hasnít changed much since then. Electronic filing, otherwise known as e-filing, represents the biggest change to Form 2290 and is more centered on how a trucker files their taxes as opposed to what gets filed. But what is it? And what do you need before you can start?

What is electronic filing?

Form 2290 Electronic Filing is a simple way for truckers to prepare and file their HVUT taxes from the comfort of their own home. Itís fast, easy and less expensive then hiring a professional to do the work. And itís paperless!! By changing your Form 2290 filing method from the old fashioned ďpaper filingĒ process to electronic filing, youíll save time and money. And, your tax records are accessible anywhere you have internet access.

What do I need before I can start?

Form 2290 electronic filing is simple. All you need is:

Register online now for form 2290 electronic filing and if you havenít already done so, you can access promo codes, helpful tax tips, and reminders about IRS deadlines. These notices are FREE and can help you stay on time and avoid interest and penalties.

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