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Get ready to e-file this year's HVUT Form

It's time to file your HVUT Form!!

In case you've been out on the road too long and haven't heard yet, you can now e-file your IRS HVUT Form from the convenience of your own computer. It's Fast, Easy and Secure.

If you have never e-filed your HVUT Form before don't worry, we can help. 2290Tax.com has experienced and friendly staff available to help you e-file over the phone easily and quickly. Just get your EIN, Address, Phone, VINs and GVW together and the website will take care of the rest!!

For you old pros who have e-filed your HVUT Form before, some things have changed this year:

Filing your HVUT Form doesn't have to be a pain in your backside. With the right help it can be Fast, Easy and Secure. Call 2290Tax.com today at 888-802-4299 for help!