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Individual Tax Payer Pricing - 1 EIN per account

24 Vehicles or Less $29.99 USD
Just because it isnít required that you e-file, doesnít mean you canít! E-filing is easier, faster and saves you time because you donít have to wait in line at the IRS! You can choose between our E-File Online Now or uploading a completed 2290Calculator©.
25 Vehicles or More $59.99 USD
If you fit into this category, the IRS requires you to e-file. Donít let it get you down, itís easier and faster! Download our 2290Calculator© and save it to your computer. When your data entry is complete the 2290Calculator© has become your Bulk Upload File! Login to your account and Upload - Verify - e-File!
Annual Subscription - 1 EIN $249.99 USD
Individual Filers Ė Unlimited returns Ė unlimited trucks Ė one EIN Ė one price. For companies with large fleets or multiple filings in a single year, this is the option for you. You can choose between our easy e-File Online Now, or the 2290Calculator© Upload. Whatever is easier for you!

Paid Preparer Pricing - Multiple EINís per account

Annual Subscription - Multiple EIN's $20.00 USD per e-filing
Paid Preparers - When you are paid to prepare Form 2290 for multiple entities with different EINís then you are a Paid Preparer. This is the option for you!

Unlimited returns Ė unlimited trucks Ė unlimited EINís. Paid Preparers will need to complete a Paid Preparer Agreement in order to activate their account. Once activated, you can begin e-filing immediately.

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Refund Policy

No Refunds will be given after data has been submitted for e-filing.