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Here at 2290Tax.com we offer many different services because you have many different needs. Read below about our different account types, our phone support and our family business. Then read some more about the variety of other services we have to offer you.

Help for Owner Operators

2290s for Individuals

Individual accounts are for one person or company only. They allow you to file 2290 Form for yourself. These 2290 accounts are for the “Do-it-yourself-ers.” Your independent spirit inspired us to build you an independent way to take charge of your taxes. AND we minimize your computer time by saving what you type. So next year will be easier and faster than this year. This helps prevent mistakes and speeds up the process.

e-filing your IRS 2290 Forms is easy

Help for Paid Preparers

Paid Preparer accounts are for Agents who wish to file on behalf of their clients.

Whether your company specializes in Tax Preparation, Insurance, Registration, Safety, Dispatch, or anything else, this is the account for you.

With each 2290 you e-file a client profile is automatically created that includes the fleet! This has helped our clients increase efficiency by up to 100%! Just think what it could do for you.

Because really how many 17 digit VIN's do you have to keep track of?
Special Tools for Paid Preparers

Help for Paid Preparers and Fleet Managers

Fleet Managers

Whether you are in charge of e-filing IRS Form 2290 for the owner operators within the company, or the company fleet, or both, we have options that will help you e-file quickly and manage your duties with ease.

We give you all the same tools that the Paid Preparers get, and the same discounts!

Let us help you stay organized, keep track of 2290s and Schedule 1’s and contact the IRS on your behalf. Managing a fleet of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of trucks is enough of a work load. Let us lighten it a little bit…

Our 2290 Help Line

Call Us!! You are invited to call us directly and speak with our family staff. If we can’t get to the phone, our all American call center picks it up and takes a message for you.


Your call is important to us and your IRS Form 2290 questions are important too! So if we can't answer your call personally, please leave us a message so that we can call you back!

Call us Toll Free Today at 888-802-4299
Call us TODAY at 888-802-4299 and see for yourself

The Jenkins Family

Our Family Company

Our family has been in trucking for four generations. That's right four. Count 'em up! We know a thing or two after all that time. Our 2290 mission is about helping make you more self reliant and independent while also minimizing your bills!! That means we provide the technology tools you need, the education to use them, and phone support from real people.

e-filing your IRS Form 2290s is supposed to make your life easier not more complicated! It’s supposed to save your time, your paper, and your mind!! Get out of those IRS 2290 lines! You've got more important things to do.

And remember - you’re not alone - because our family is here to help yours.

Complete 2290 Tax Preparation

Everybody says they offer complete tax preparation - but you have to ask yourself, “what does that mean?” For us, it means automatic error checking, FREE paper 2290 forms, electronic filing and automatic digital archives.

It also means that we save your data for later, and that no typing on your part is ever wasted.

Every time you hit “Save and Continue,” your information is actually saved to your own private account. You can access this data through “Fleet Management” and it’s easy to reuse with the click of a button next time you e-file.
Complete Tax Preparation

Full 2290 Service

Annual returns, Monthly Filings, Amended returns, VIN corrections, Weight Increases, Credits - you can do it all here. With a real person available to answer your questions. Anything you need can be achieved in record time.

Watch the video to the left for an explanation of how to e-file Form 2290 with credits. Check back here often to learn about new tools.

Do you want to e-file more taxes and different forms? Let us know with an email what tax forms would make your life easier. We’re always looking for ways to serve you better.

Two Easy 2290 e-file Options

e-file Online Now! OR Bulk Upload our 2290Calculator. What’s the difference?

e-file Online Now! - is an entirely online e-filing process. We recommend you e-file Online Now! when you have 25 or fewer trucks. We’ll save all your data to your private account as you go for easy re-use next year.

Our Bulk 2290Calculator Upload - is a two part process. First you download the free 2290Calculator here.Then fill it out with your Company and Fleet Information and save the excel file. When you are ready to pay the taxes just upload the file and your entire tax return is ready for e-filing! It’s that easy. We recommend this e-file method for people who are familiar with Excel, and have fleets with 26 units or more. We’ll still save all your data to your own private account for easy re-use, but you’ll also have the 2290Calculator which can be updated and reused each year. It’s an easy way to keep track of your fleet all year around.
Get Help keeping up with IRS Regulations

IRS Payment Options

Form 2290 IRS Payment Options

Right now, the IRS has three payment options available for payment of your IRS 2290 Taxes: Voucher, Bank Account or EFTPS. They aren’t currently accepting credit cards for payment of Heavy Highway Taxes.

Our software allows you to pick the one that works best for you. Follow the web instructions to complete that payment and you’re done.

  • We’re a family owned company - NOT the IRS. So we’ll never handle your tax dollars directly.
  • No matter which payment option you select the IRS will issue your Stamped Schedule 1 in the same amount of time. So make the choice that’s the most comfortable for you!

YouTube Form 2290 Instructions

Visit our YouTube Page for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions. You can even watch the video to the right to see someone e-file from start to finish in less than 7 minutes!

We know that not everyone learns the same way. Some people like to read instructions, some people like to listen to an explanation, and some people like to jump in feet first and give it a try! You have all those options here. We offer written instructions on every page and video explanations for our most frequently asked questions. Of course - you can always just jump right in, and call us any time you need help!

Caution - Savings Ahead!

Simple Competitive Form 2290 e-file Pricing

We have checked out the competition and we feel we offer competitive pricing. Not only that - but it’s easy to understand. No surprise credit card fees, no complicated schedules to figure out, no packages or bundles to choose from. Just count your vehicles. The number of vehicles determines the price per return.

1-24 vehicles - pay only 29.99
25+ vehicles - pay only 59.99

It’s that easy!!

Form 2290 Volume Discounts

Tax Preparers, Fleet Managers, Registration Services and Insurance Companies - all of you e-file dozens of 2290s a month. So we offer you discounted volume pricing. We also bill monthly rather then as you go, and YOU NEVER PAY UP FRONT! There is no guess work.

No pre-payment or set up fees! Pay the $1.00 Credit Card Verification fee and start e-filing TODAY!! We make it easy by building a relationship between your company and ours. Join our family of Paid Preparers and you’ll see why we’re the best!!
Paid Preparers partner with 2290Tax

Free Form 2290 VIN Corrections

Free 2290 VIN Corrections

Everybody makes mistakes - but we don’t ask you to pay for them!! If your 2290 didn't come out right the first time, fix it here for free. Call us to learn how to get your corrected Stamped Schedule 1 in no time!!

IRS Form 2290 Regulation Help

No matter who you are, or what your level of expertise, everyone could use a hand when dealing with the IRS. If you’re a paid preparer, we can help you stay on top of the new and ever changing regulations that affect you! If you receive a notice from the IRS in the mail, we can help you understand what it means, and respond to it correctly. If you’re just worried about e-filing correctly - we are here to help you! CALL US! No matter what your needs are - our family is here to help yours!

2290Tax is here to help you

Hyperlinks to other Form 2290 Resources

We tell you about other resources out there that can help you. Because lets face it, everybody has their own expertise. If you’re looking for a direct phone number to call the IRS - it’s here. If you’re looking for a Registration Service to take care of paperwork for you - we have some options. If you just want to chat, that’s what we do! No matter what your industry interest, we can help you!