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Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form Filing for Paid Preparers

Paid Preparer accounts are for agents who file 2290 tax forms on behalf of their clients. As a paid preparer, you have tax preparation needs which differ significantly from individual owner operators. Let's face it, how many seventeen-digit VIN's can you keep track of without help?

Our Paid Preparer account allows for quick, accurate e-filing for every company you represent, with the ability to update information throughout the year. Everything will be ready when it is time to pay the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax. It's a powerful tool for paid providers, accountants, registration services, compliance officers, and more.

Client Management Features

Special Tools for Paid Preparers

Input a client's information into your paid preparer account, and the data is saved as a client profile.

These profiles are immediately available in an alphabetized drop down list in Client Management. Each customer can be changed throughout the year, allowing you to update company information, vehicle information, suspensions, and credits as data becomes available. Just remember to save your changes.

Managing Fleets

Your paid preparer account also makes managing client fleets as simple and effective as possible. Every time you add new information into the client's fleet list, the list updates and saves all changes. Examples of the changes you can make include vehicles status, weights, VINs, and suspensions. All information can be exported into PDF or Excel spreadsheets for your convenience.

The 2290Tax.com Advantage

Because the system saves all data, a paid preparer account makes repeat returns quick and easy. You simply review the information, input and change from the previous year, and e-file the client's 2290 tax form. Stamped Schedule 1 forms are automatically posted to your account AND emailed to you.

If at any point you need help with your paid preparer account, we offer a helpful video series on YouTube that explains every aspect of the account and its features. You can also call our customer service line at 888-802-4299. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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