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How do I Delete or Add a Vehicle?

Credits can be claimed in most situations when addidng and deleting a vehicle. The credit would be applied to the knew vehicle you are adding from the deleted vehicle.

Claiming a Credit

The IRS only recognizes three situations in which a truck owner can claim a credit on the 2290 form:

  • The deleted vehicle was sold or traded during the tax period.
  • The deleted vehicle was stolen or destroyed during the tax period.
  • At the end of the tax year, the vehicle didn't exceed its mileage limit.

Claiming Credit and e-Filing

If you qualify for a credit, you'll enter the information on step 3 of our e-filing process: Suspensions and Credits. The third black bar on the Suspensions and Credits page says ''Request for Credit.'' Choose ''Yes.'' Now enter the vehicle's VIN, operating weight, and the reason you're claiming the credit. The system will automatically apply your credit to the final amount of taxes you owe. Click ''Save and Continue'' and complete your 2290 IRS e-filing as you usually would.

Applying credits during the e-filing process avoids the annoyance of paying the pre-credit tax amount and then waiting for a credit reimbursement check to show up in the mail. It's a faster and more efficient use of your time and your money.

Got questions about claiming credits or the 2290 form in general? Call us at (888) 802-4299. We make e-filing your 2290 as easy as possible!

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