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I am a Paid Preparer. Why should I use 2290Tax.com?

I'm a Paid Preparer. Why should I use 2290Tax.com?

Here at 2290Tax.com we have two unique tools that no one else can offer. These tools can improve your office efficiency by 100%. Watch the video to the left for a full description of both how these tools work and what they do.

Client Management keeps track of each of your individual clients. This makes new returns throughout the year or the annual filing EASY because you just select your client and start your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax return from there.

Fleet Management keeps track of each clients fleet. This allows you to check a box that will include the selected vehicles on the return you start for that client.

Both of these tools are automatically generated and it requires no extra work from you! Tools like these save your office time, and saving time is saving money.

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If you have a question about form 2290 submissions, the HHVUT, or how to use our system, please call us at (888)802-4299. We'll be happy to guide you through the process.

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