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How do I fix a VIN?

Mistakes happen to everyone, especially when you're dealing with seventeen-digit Vehicle Identification Numbers. One small typo and you've just submitted a 2290 IRS form with an incorrect VIN.

At 2290Tax.com, we understand such mistakes happen all the time. That's why we offer our free VIN correction service. Just follow the instructions below to resubmit your 2290 form with a corrected VIN.

  • Login to your account and start a new online return. Mark Step 1 as an Amendment. Select ''Correcting a VIN'' as the reason for the amendment.
  • Enter only the VIN you need to correct on Step 2. Do not list the incorrect VIN, or any other VINs you filed on the original 2290 IRS form.
  • Step 3 asks for the correct VIN. At this point you can also upload pdf documents containing proof of the correct VIN, or the reason for your correction. This isn't required, but is a good idea if the correct VIN is very different from the incorrect number.
  • Step 4 will not collect IRS payment information because you already paid your taxes-this is just a correction. Your paper form form Step 5 will also show a tax amount. Just remember this amount is not due because you already paid.

  • Finish your VIN correction on Step 6. It's free, and no credit card information is collected.

The IRS considers a VIN correction to be a difference of two incorrect characters in your VIN or less. If you make a correction on a 2290 IRS form for a three character mistake or more, expect the IRS to send a notice asking for clarification. Just call us when you receive the notice, and we'll help you clean up the misunderstanding. IRS notices are now sent automatically by computer; resolving issues is as easy as making a quick phone call.

Need help correcting a VIN? Call us as (888)-802-4299.

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