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What is a 2290Calculator©?

If you file and pay taxes on a fleet of twenty-five vehicles or more, we recommend using our 2290 calculator.

The 2290 calculator is an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet designed to make submitting 2290 forms for large fleets as simple as possible. We call the spreadsheet a calculator because it totals your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax every time you add a truck to the spreadsheet or edit a truck's information. You can watch your tax liability change as you work!

To access the calculator, register for an account at 2290Tax.com and download a free copy to your computer. Open the file and fill in each truck's information in the fields provided. Save the edited spreadsheet and log back into your 2290Tax account.

Now all you need to do is upload the spreadsheet to your account, and the information will be automatically added to your 2290 form. You can review and edit the information within the account. Once you're ready, submitting your fleet's taxes to the IRS is as easy as clicking the Submit button.

To find out more about the 2290 calculator, watch the two videos on this page. The first shows how to download the spreadsheet and enter data into the calculator. The second shows how to upload the spreadsheet into your account, review data, and submit the final forms to the IRS.

Using the calculator makes life easier for both large fleet owners and paid 2290 providers. Best of all, you can save your spreadsheet and simply update fleet information for future tax years!

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If you have a question about form 2290 submissions, the HHVUT, or how to use our system, please call us at (888)802-4299. We'll be happy to guide you through the process.

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