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What is a Logging Vehicle?

A logging vehicle used exclusively to transport lumber and other forestry goods to and from harvest locations. Logging vehicles are taxed at a different rate from other heavy highway vehicles, so it's vital to identify whether or not your vehicle falls into this category.

Vehicle Classifications and the Forestry Industry

The key in determining if your truck counts as forestry vehicle is exclusively. A vehicle qualifies as a logging vehicle during a specific tax period if:

  • It exclusively transports products harvested from a forest.
  • It exclusively transports forestry products to and from different points within a forest.
  • Or:

  • The vehicle is registered as a highway vehicle used to transport harvested forest products, under the laws of the state in which the work is undertaken.

If any of these situations applies to your vehicle, you must select "Yes" in Step 2 of our online 2290 form submission. Select "No" if the vehicle does not match any of these descriptions.

It's a common misconception that forestry vehicles bear special tags or license plates identifying themselves as such. In fact, no such identification is required for the vehicle to be considered a logging vehicle. You should, however, keep records proving that the vehicle is used to exclusively transport forestry products, in case of a tax audit.

Unsure on how to classify your vehicle for the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax? Give us a call at (888)802-4299 and we'll be happy to help you make the right decision. For further information on how logging use affects your 2290 form, click the video on this page.

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