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Form 2290 E File Instructions & Calculator

We offer easy Form 2290 instructions for owner operators, fleet managers, and service providers. You can choose between our entirely online process or our two-part bulk 2290Calculator upload. Which method is best for you depends on how many trucks you have.

E-file Online Now!

We recommend our entirely online 2290 e-file process for filing 2290 Forms for twenty-four or fewer trucks. Simply follow the Form 2290 instructions as you enter the data you need to submit the 2290s. Once the forms are accepted, Stamped Schedule 1s are automatically emailed to you.

All data is stored on your account when you use E-file Online Now! This makes filing repeat forms an easy process. Simply check the data to make sure it's current, and file your 2290s.

Bulk 2290Calculator Uploads

Our 2290Calculator upload option is best suited to fleet managers and service providers, who deal with more than twenty-five trucks. First, you need to download our free Excel-based 2290Calculator template.

Once uploaded, all data is stored in your secure account for easy re-use. Keep the 2290Calculator, to change and re-upload information each year. It's an easy way to keep track of your fleet year-round.

Support and Assistance, As Needed

We designed our 2290 filing system to be easy to use, but if you need help, we're here to answer all your questions. The 2290 e-file process is intended to make your job easier. If you run into problems, call us at (909) 596-0050. We'll help you get your forms out of the way so you can get back to your business!

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