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Form 2290 Online Filing Prices & Payment Options

Unsure of which of our services is right for you? Below are our individual tax payer and paid preparer pricing schedules. If you need help deciding on a service, give us a call at 888-802-4299 and we are here and happy to help anytime.

Individual Tax Payer Pricing

(1 EIN per account)

24 Vehicles or Less $29.99 USD
You don't have to file your form 2290 online, but that doesn't mean you can't. E–filing is faster, easier, and saves time. No more waiting in line at IRS offices or waiting for your Stamped Schedule 1 to be returned in the mail. All your data is saved to your secure account, making repeat returns easy. You can choose to use either our E-File Online Now! Service or our downloadable 2290Calculator.
25 Vehicles or More $59.99 USD
If you own twenty–five or more vehicles, the IRS requires you to e–file Form 2290. Don't let this worry you–the process is easy, and much faster than traditional filing. Just download our 2290Calculator, enter your data into the calculator, and upload the completed Excel spreadsheet to your private account, where the information is saved for repeat returns.

Preparer Pricing

(Multiple EIN per account)

Paid Preparer $20.00 USD per e–filing
If you're paid to file Form 2290 online for multiple entities, then our paid preparer packages is the option for you, allowing for unlimited trucks, EINs, and returns. Paid preparers must sign a Paid Preparer Agreement to activate their accounts. Once activated, you can begin e–filing for your clients immediately.
Fleet Management $20.00 USD per e-filing
If you are an employee of a company who files 2290's for their company, employees, lessees, owner operators, and subsidiaries you might be a fleet manager. You have LOTS of trucks to manage, and our tools are designed to help you. Fleet Managers mush sign a Fleet Management Agreement to activate their accounts, and once activated you can begin e'filing immediately.

Refund Policy

No refunds on any service will be given after data has been submitted for an e-filing. Exceptions may be granted from time to time.