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Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions for Provision of Services to Customers

The following terms and conditions govern your use of 2290Tax.com and 2290Tax.com's provision of services to its customers. Your viewing or use of this site will constitute your agreement, on behalf of yourself and the entity you represent (hereinafter collectively "You" or "Your"), to all of the terms and conditions provided below.

Except as expressly stated otherwise herein, 2290Tax.com may make future changes or modifications to these terms and conditions at any time without notice, and Your subsequent viewing or use of 2290Tax.com will constitute Your agreement to the changes and modifications. There may be additional terms and conditions provided throughout 2290Tax.com governing Your use of particular functions, features, information and applications available through 2290Tax.com, and such additional terms and conditions are hereby incorporated by reference.

1.      Definitions

2.      Use of 2290Tax.com

3.      Fees and Payment

4.      2290Tax.com Login Registration

5.      Accuracy of Taxpayer Data and Timeliness of Filing is the Responsibility of the Taxpayer or its Paid Preparer

6.      Changes to 2290Tax.com

7.      Force Majeure

8.      Termination of Use

9.      Ownership

10.  Disclaimer of Warranty

11.  Limitation of Liability

12.  Indemnity

13.  Links to Other Web Sites

14.  Privacy Policy

15.  Controlling Law and Severability

16.  Entire Agreement

1. Definitions

2290Tax.com: A-log, Inc. a California corporation dba 2290Tax.com

Content: information, graphics, products, features, functionality, services, and links on 2290Tax.com

Fleet Manager: an employee of a trucking company who assists such trucking company, its employees, lessees, owners operators and subsidiaries in the preparation of tax forms submitted through 2290Tax.com

Paid Preparer: a business or individual that is paid to assist one or more trucking companies or individuals in the preparation of tax forms submitted through 2290Tax.com and who is not an employee of such trucking companies or such individuals

You: Yourself and any entity that you represent as a customer of 2290Tax.com

2. Use of 2290Tax.com

(a) General. 2290Tax.com is provided solely for the use of 2290Tax.com customers to assist them in the collection of data; preparation of tax returns; and e-filing of certain taxes exclusively with 2290Tax.com and may not be used by any other persons or entity or for any other purpose. Specifically, 2290Tax.com provides its customers with a copyrighted Excel spreadsheet and other website tools to assist them with instructions and collection of information necessary to prepare and e-file Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Taxes and related credits; prepare customer data for bulk upload to 2290Tax.com; and e-file that information with the Internal Revenue Service. Customers are defined as those entities with a valid EIN# (Employer Identification Number) or EFIN# (Preparer EFile Identification Number) issued by the Internal Revenue Service and registered with 2290Tax.com. With the exception of use of 2290Tax.com by Paid Preparers and Fleet Managers, use of 2290Tax.com and its information and services for the benefit of third-party customers is expressly prohibited.

IRS Authorized E-File Providers further agree to abide by all IRS requirements for Taxpayer signature authentication and verification. It is their responsibility to acquire and maintain Form 8453-EX or 8879-EX in accordance with instructions for their use and with Pub.1345 and Pub 4163 where applicable.

It is the nature of tax filings that rates and forms are changed by the taxing entity from time to time. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to cooperate with and respond promptly to any communications from 2290Tax.com regarding such changes.

2290Tax.com does not accept ideas, concepts, or techniques for new services or products. If such information is received, it will not be considered confidential and 2290Tax.com will be deemed free to use, communicate and exploit such information in any manner it chooses.

(b) Paid Preparer: If You are a Paid Preparer, You must identify yourself in the registration for services as a Paid Preparer, and You agree to obtain and keep all the required IRS forms and records for Your clients in accordance with IRS regulations, including but not limited to IRS Publication 3112. As a Paid Preparer, You understand that the IRS requirements may change at any time and that it is Your responsibility to know, understand and abide by such requirements.

(c) Fleet Manager: If You utilize a Fleet Manager, You must identify yourself in the registration for services as a customer using a Fleet Manager, and the Fleet Manager shall use 2290Tax.com, not an outside contractor paid to prepare tax forms.

3. Fees and Payment

(a) You agree to pay all charges for services provided by 2290Tax.com to You. In the event of non-payment of service fees, 2290Tax.com may suspend services and shall have all remedies under applicable law for amounts not paid which are due and owing.

(b) You shall provide a credit card for 2290Tax.com to charge service fees to. Customer accounts without a valid credit card on file will be suspended until credit card information is provided.

(c) For Paid Preparers and Fleet Managers only, the credit card provided by You shall be charged a service fee on or about the 15th of each month for the returns filed in the previous month, and an itemized receipt will be issued for each billing cycle. Each credit card provided by a Paid Preparer or Fleet Manager will be charged a one-time nominal fee for verification before an account is activated. In months with no activity, no billing or receipt will be generated. The 2290Tax.com current service fee for each e-filing return filed by Paid Preparers and Fleet Managers shall be $20.00 or less. However, 2290Tax.com may increase such service fee from time to time at its sole discretion, subject to thirty (30) days prior written notice to the Paid Preparer or Fleet Manager.

(d) In the event Your payment is not able to be processed using the credit card submitted and the services fees are charged back to 2290Tax.com, an administrative fee of $100 shall be charged for each charge back to cover administrative services required for 2290Tax.com to rectify the payment error.

4. 2290Tax.com Login Registration

By registering on 2290Tax.com You agree to provide accurate and current information about Yourself as prompted by the 2290Tax.com Login Registration pages and maintain and promptly update Your online profile information to keep it accurate and current.

When you register using 2290Tax.com "Get Started" registration, Your email will become Your user ID and a password will be sent to that address. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password, and You are responsible for all activities that occur under Your password and user ID. You agree to (a) immediately notify 2290Tax.com of any unauthorized use of Your user ID and password, and (b) to ensure that You exit from Your 2290Tax.com session at the end of each visit.

5. Accuracy of Taxpayer and Timeliness of Filing Data is the Responsibility of the Taxpayer or its Paid Preparer.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you submit. In the event Your data does not validate to IRS criteria, 2290Tax.com will make every reasonable effort to contact You. However, You are solely responsible for determining if a corrective filing is available and making any corrective filings. Corrective filings submitted through 2290Tax.com may result in an additional charge for such filings.

Meeting the filing deadlines is the responsibility of You, the taxpayer or its Paid Preparer.

Non-substantive corrections may be made by 2290Tax.com if, in its judgment, it will facilitate an accurate and successful filing with the IRS.

6. Changes to 2290Tax.com

2290Tax.com and its Content, may be changed, deleted or updated at any time without notice.

7. Force Majeure

With the exception of payment obligations for services provided hereunder, if due to a force majeure event, either party hereto is unable to carry out any of its obligations under these Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services to Customers, the affected party shall give the other party written notice of the force majeure event and the obligations of the party claiming force majeure shall be suspended, but only to the extent made necessary by such force majeure event and during its continuance. The term force majeure as used herein shall mean any causes beyond the reasonable control of the party affected thereby. Upon the cessation of the force majeure event, the party that had given original notice shall again promptly give written notice to the other party of such cessation.

8. Termination of Use

2290Tax.com may discontinue, suspend or modify 2290Tax.com at any time without notice, and may block, terminate or suspend Your and any user's access to 2290Tax.com at any time for any reason in its sole discretion, even if access continues to be allowed to others. However, termination of 2290Tax.coms services shall not relieve either party of its respective obligations and liabilities incurred through the effective date of such termination. Notwithstanding any other provision, in no event shall 2290Tax.com be liable for any damages arising out of termination of services provided to You.

9. Ownership

2290Tax.com and its Content are protected by United States copyright, trademark, and other laws. 2008. All rights reserved. Specifically, 2290Tax.com does not convey to anyone, through allowing access to 2290Tax.com, any ownership rights in 2290Tax.com or in any Content appearing on or made available through 2290Tax.com. Customer may not copy, modify, translate, transmit, distribute, adapt, reproduce, decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble any part of 2290Tax.com or its Content.

10. Disclaimer of Warranty

2290Tax.com and its Content are provided "As Is". 2290Tax.com and its licensors disclaim any and all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement, regarding any such content and Your ability or inability to use 2290Tax.com and its Content.

2290Tax.com expressly disclaims and excludes all warranties regarding the functioning of the internet whether express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Complying with IRS filing deadlines and payment obligations is the sole responsibility of You and the taxpayer. 2290Tax.com will not be held responsible for penalties, fees or interest that results due to tax returns being accepted by the IRS after the filing deadline.

2290Tax.com does not warrant nor make any representation regarding the results of Your use of the 2290 Calculator or 2290Tax.com web site in terms of capability, correctness, accuracy, reliability or otherwise. No oral or written information, representation or advice given by 2290Tax.com or an authorized representative of 2290Tax.com shall create a warranty.

11. Limitation of Liability

Use of 2290Tax.com and its Content, including any information, representation or advice given by 2290Tax.com, is at Your sole risk. 2290Tax.com will in no event be liable to You or any person or entity claiming through you for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or other damages under any theory of law for any errors in or the use of or inability to use 2290Tax.com and its content including without limitation, damages for lost profits, business, data or damage to any computer system, even if you have advised 2290Tax.com of such damages.

12. Indemnity

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless 2290Tax.com and its respective officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives from any and all claims (i) arising out of Your breach of any of these terms and conditions, and any of Your activities conducted in connection with this site.

13. Links to Other Web Sites

There are links on the 2290Tax.com site that allow You to visit the sites of third parties. Neither these sites nor the companies to whom they belong are controlled by 2290Tax.com. 2290Tax.com makes no representations concerning the information provided or made available on such sites nor the quality or acceptability of the products or services offered by any person or entities referenced in any such sites.

2290Tax.com has not tested and makes no representations regarding the correctness, performance or quality of any software found at any such sites. You should research and assess the risks which may be involved in accessing and using any software on the Internet before using it.

14. Privacy Policy

The 2290Tax.com Privacy Policy governs the use of information acquired from You through 2290Tax.com.

15. Controlling Law and Severability

This Agreement and Your use of 2290Tax.com is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of California, excluding its conflict of laws provisions. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision in the Agreement, or a portion thereof, to be unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible.

Any cause of action with respect to 2290Tax.com or this Agreement must be instituted within one year after the claim or cause of action has risen or be barred and must be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction within Los Angeles County, California. This Agreement may not be changed or modified without the written consent of 2290Tax.com.

16. Entire Agreement

The registration for services, and these Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services to Customers constitute the entire agreement between the parties relating to the provision of 2290Tax.com's services and supersede all prior oral and/or written agreements or understandings among the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.

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