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Truck Drivers and Tax Deductions

September 24, 2015

At 2290Tax.com we help owner operators, companies, and paid preparers complete the necessary unpleasantness of paying the IRS as quickly and painlessly as possible. We’re also big believers in never paying the taxman more than you legally have to, so we thought we’d share some advice on what truckers can, and cannot, deduct on their taxes. Keeping a Receipt Logbook It probably goes without saying, … Read More »

Truck Log Books—Frustrating to Some, Vital to All

September 19, 2015

Truck drivers tend to be an independent-minded lot and sometimes filling out a truck log book can seem like a hindrance. Such rules are often vital, however, as a means of preventing driver fatigue and overwork. It’s for this very reason truck drivers are required to fill in Department of Transportation logbooks. It’s a means of making the trucker responsible for monitoring his or her … Read More »

Having All the Necessary Paperwork for Your Trucking Company

September 16, 2015

Being in Compliance The need of transportation to ship goods is always in demand. The trucking industry is one that is growing which is why many individuals have decided to start their own trucking businesses. Before you send out your trucks, be sure that you have all the right paperwork. There are tax, license, and permit regulations that are specific to the trucking industry. Regulations … Read More »

New EIN & The 2 Week Delay

September 10, 2015

Written by Yesenia Carrillo  What do you mean by “New EIN”? Were you issued your Employer Identification Number just under 2 weeks ago? If the answer is yes, then your EIN is what we like to call “new.” As the IRS states in the picture you can not file your 2290 electronically until the 2 weeks pass. The reason is that it takes two weeks … Read More »

Quick Tips for Truckers Crossing the Canadian Border

September 3, 2015

A border crossing can seriously delay travel time, and in the trucking industry, time is most definitely money. Fortunately, a well-prepared trucker can usually cross the US / Canadian border with a minimum of delays (barring, of course, heavy traffic through customs). Do Your Paperwork in Advance Examine your shipping documents well in advance, looking for any special instructions, including whether or not you’ll have … Read More »