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What Steps Do I Need To Take After I Sell, Trade, or Destroy My Vehicle?

October 13, 2015

Written by Yesenia Carrillo It is a common misconception that vehicles that are no longer owned by the taxpayer, need to file a 2290. It is thought as sort of a way to let the IRS know that they have parted ways with the vehicle. However, since 2290 tax is the heavy vehicle use tax, if you are not using the vehicle, especially because you … Read More »

Trucker Stigma: A Low Status Occupation?

October 8, 2015

The general public has a negative view of trucking as a low status career. People rank truck driver alongside “undesirable” jobs such as filling station attendants, janitors, longshoremen, and bus drivers. It’s interesting to note how many jobs considered to be low status are directly involved in moving people and produce across the country, but that’s neither here nor there. Tell a stranger you’re a … Read More »

HVUT Penalty Notice

October 5, 2015

Written by Yesenia Carrillo  Every year 2290 taxpayers receive a penalty notice soon after they file. More so, they are confused because they filed between July 1st and August 31st, signifying on time filing, which shouldn’t have prompted the IRS to send out any kind of late notice. So, why did these folks receive a 2290 penalty notice? One of two things could have occurred. … Read More »

5 Helpful Apps for Truckers Crossing the Border

October 3, 2015

If you’re a long haul trucker, at some point you’re crossing the border into Canada or Mexico. Border crossings can be frustrating, with long lines, clearance access problems, and other delays. If you’re traveling to or from Canada, you have to track your fuel purchases for the International Fuel Tax Agreement. And, of course, as soon as you cross the border you’re subject to international … Read More »

Hurricane Joaquin Has Prompted Temporary Waivers

October 2, 2015

Written by Yesenia Carrillo  Due to the projected impact that Hurricane Joaquin will have on the east coast the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has authorized a temporary waiver of registration and licensing for carriers. Also, the Commissioner of Highways authorized a temporary waiver of normal weight and width restrictions on roads controlled by the Virginia Department of Transportation. Waiver has been issued for carriers … Read More »