New EIN & The 2 Week Delay

What do you mean by “New EIN”?

Were you issued your Employer Identification Number just under 2 weeks ago? If the answer is yes, then your EIN is what we like to call “new.” As the IRS states in the picture you can not file your 2290 electronically until the 2 weeks pass. The reason is that it takes two weeks for the your Employer Identification Number to become part of the IRS e-file records.

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Quick Tips for Truckers Crossing the Canadian Border

A border crossing can seriously delay travel time, and in the trucking industry, time is most definitely money. Fortunately, a well-prepared trucker can usually cross the US / Canadian border with a minimum of delays (barring, of course, heavy traffic through customs).

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Making Your Job Easier: 2290Tax and Paid Preparers

Paid preparers make life easier for many truck drivers who need help submitting their 2290 tax forms, or who simply want to pay someone else to do the paperwork. And if you run a large fleet, a paid preparer is absolutely essential. Paid preparers are the unsung heroes of the trucking industry, quietly submitting tax forms and arranging for Stamped Schedule 1 forms so truckers can focus on the highway and not the IRS.

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Advantages of a Fleet Manager Account

As a fleet manager you may be responsible for a handful of trucks, or you may be tracking thousands of vehicles spread out across the nation. You might work with a dedicated company fleet, be responsible for monitoring truck status for owner operators under contract to your company, or, quite often, a combination of these possibilities.

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2290Tax Important Tax Dates: Calendar

Failure to submit and pay your 2290 tax form in a timely manner can lead to financial penalties imposed by the IRS. Unfortunately, because we’re talking taxes here, when you have to submit or suspend 2290 forms can sometimes get complicated. Here’s a quick breakdown of important dates you need to know.

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Apply for an EIN online for Free. Seriously.

Applying for your employer identification number (Tax ID) online is a free application if you go to the right place.

We’ve have found that some of our customers are being charged a fee when they apply for their EIN online. This fee is as high as $257 or more if an expedited service is requested. Along with the fee it takes 2 days to process their application.

Applying for an EIN online is free. SERIOUSLY!!!

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