Truck Show Wrap Up and Contest Winners

We just got back from the Great West Truck Show in Las Vegas. Thanks to everybody we met for making that a fun experience!!

And the Winners Are…

We held a contest while at the truck show. 10 people won free e-file for life and their names are listed below. We’re attempting to call them and get their accounts updated or set up now!

  1. FR8 Plus
  2. Army of One Trucking
  3. David and LaDora Pounds
  4. Bailey Trucking and Leasing LLC
  5. Bulk Waste Services LLC
  6. Brandon’s Custom Transportation INC
  7. Jeffrey Fowler Logging
  8. Michael Binder
  9. ZQM Hauling
  10. John Boy Hauling INC

If this is you and you haven’t heard from us yet – please call right away!! We’ll confirm you’re information and get you set up!

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