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TIN Matching: Taxpayer Identification Number Matching

November 10, 2015

Written by Yesenia Carrillo What is TIN Matching? TIN Matching (Taxpayer Identification Number Matching) is a tool provided by the IRS to help paid preparers or authorized agents to efficiently assist their clients by being able to validate TIN and name combinations within IRS records. To access the TIN Matching program you must first complete the e-Services application. This is where you will you will create … Read More »

5 Great Truck Cab Accessories

November 7, 2015

For many truckers, their cab is quite literally their home away from home. Motel and hotel rooms are expensive, even if you claim them on taxes, so many truckers live out of their own cabs—some on a permanent basis. When you’re living in a space as cramped as a truck cab, you need to stay organized. The following truck cab accessories help you make the … Read More »

7 Best Truck Stops in the Country

October 29, 2015

A good truck stop is a little piece of Americana, serving hearty down-home food with plenty of amenities to keep truckers refreshed and ready for the open road. You can spot the best truck stops easily—they’re the ones with a steady stream of rigs pulling into and out of the parking lot. Of course, some truck stops are better than others. Below are seven rest … Read More »

NATSA Meeting (2015)

October 23, 2015

Written By Casey Bullard  NATSA 2015 Meeting This year’s NATSA meeting was A LOT of fun and a lot of learning. Presentations included; Driver Qualification Files, DVIR’s, Florida’s DataQ process, ELDs, FMCSA, Factoring, URS, and more. Driver Qualification Files After NATSA President Dave Gray welcomed us all to the 29th annual NATSA Conference, Joyce Daake got us started with the first presentation on Driver Qualification … Read More »

IFTA Law Enforcement & IRP Meeting (2015) – Part 2

October 21, 2015

Written by Casey Bullard  Another day of education about the industry begins! M & M Blitz Officers Andrew Markel and David Couprie discussed the M&M Blitz which occurs every March and May when heavy enforcement checks are conducted. In March and May, law enforcement does special road side stops to test fuel (no dyed diesel folks) and to check the validity of IFTA and IRP … Read More »