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Is Uber Coming to the Trucking Industry?

December 10, 2015

Uber’s success as a crowdsourced taxi company has led to a flurry of business start-ups based on their business model. You can find “Ubers” for grocery delivery, haircuts, laundry, and a host of other services. Now the logistic crowdsourcing that made Uber such a success may be coming to the trucking industry—for better or worse. Cargomatic and Transfix Venice, California-based company Cargomatic made waves when … Read More »

Reinstatement of the Hours of Service Rule

November 26, 2015

The late summer and early fall of 2015 could be a confusing time to be a trucker. We may, or may not, see the return of unpopular aspects of the Hours of Service rule, depending on the results of two Department of Transportation reports. Then again, simply publishing the reports may reinstate the rules. As we said, it’s going to be confusing. First, a brief … Read More »

Driving Green in the Trucking Industry

November 12, 2015

Sustainable practices designed to reduce gas consumption and emissions are now standard in many areas of the trucking industry. A combination of technical advances and driver training can make your trucking business greener whether you’re an independent contractor or running a large fleet. Driver training is one of the simplest ways to lower gas consumption and reduce carbon emissions. How often your vehicle idles, the … Read More »

TIN Matching: Taxpayer Identification Number Matching

November 10, 2015

Written by Yesenia Carrillo What is TIN Matching? TIN Matching (Taxpayer Identification Number Matching) is a tool provided by the IRS to help paid preparers or authorized agents to efficiently assist their clients by being able to validate TIN and name combinations within IRS records. To access the TIN Matching program you must first complete the e-Services application. This is where you will you will create … Read More »

5 Great Truck Cab Accessories

November 7, 2015

For many truckers, their cab is quite literally their home away from home. Motel and hotel rooms are expensive, even if you claim them on taxes, so many truckers live out of their own cabs—some on a permanent basis. When you’re living in a space as cramped as a truck cab, you need to stay organized. The following truck cab accessories help you make the … Read More »