Trouble Getting Your Tags?

I talk to drivers every summer who are struggling to get their truck registration renewed. June is an especially bad month because it seems that some states require the 2290 before it’s even available for filing.

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Tax Tips: Avoid Scammers

The IRS recently published the “Dirty Dozen” tax schemes that they are seeing most commonly this year. Below I’ve simplified and highlighted the key elements in these scams. Just remember that if it looks too good to be true it probably is. Play it safe and keep reading to learn how to protect yourself from these scams.

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Tax Tips: Choosing a Paid Preparer

Are you going to prepare and file your own taxes – or hire a pro to do it for you?

Choosing a good Paid Preparer can be tricky, but it’s super important to get it right. The person you hire to prepare your taxes has access to all your personal information, and that’s some private stuff! You don’t want just ANYBODY to have access to it.

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DOT Update Due Date Breakdown

If you have a US DOT number, then you probably already know it needs to be updated once every two years. This is called a biennial update.

But when exactly is your due date?? The FMCSA SAFER System tells you when you last renewed but doesn’t exactly post a “due date” anywhere! That’s because the due date is buried in the actual DOT number.

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IRS Notice Decoder – Form 2290 Proof for Suspended Vehicles

The IRS said they would begin auditing Form 2290, and we’re starting to see it happen when suspended vehicles are reported. It seems the IRS is looking for PROOF that the mileage stayed below the maximum limit, and they are assessing taxes if the documents they want aren’t provided or if the documents provided indicate the vehicle traveled in excess of the mileage limitation.

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IFTA Grace Period Memo

Do you have an IFTA license and sticker? Did you get your new credentials in the mail yet? If not, the grace period is quickly coming to an end.

There is a two months grace period to display your new sticker, and get the new license in the truck. That means you have until the end of February to get up to date.

This grace period is only good for people who have applied for the New Year and are up to date on last year. If you have not yet filed and paid for 3rd Quarter 2013 this grace period does not apply to you.

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New Year Record Keeping

Last week we talked about how busy the New Year can be. There are permits to renew, licenses to get and every kind and color of sticker that needs to go on the truck door. This week we’re following up and talking briefly about the record keeping requirements.

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Are You Ready For The New Year?

The New Year means all kinds of new things. Often the New Year is busier for truckers than anybody else. There are all kinds of permits to renew. There are licenses to renew. There are taxes to file and pay. The list never ends…

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IRS Computer Basics

We get tons of Form 2290 questions about how the IRS works and how e-file works. The short answer is that,  “it’s complicated.” The long answer is that the IRS has such a big job to do that they need more than one type of computer to get everything done. Below is a simple explanation of just the basics. We’ll only talk about two of the IRS computer systems, and call them Computer A and Computer  B.

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E-Tax: Making Things Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

It is the beginning of August, the sun feels like it’s shining brighter than it ever has before, and all I can think about is how good an ice cold glass of lemonade would taste right now. That glass of lemonade would taste even more refreshing if I were a truck driver who worked outside in this heat all day. But it’s that time of the year where the lemonade has to wait and all owner/operators of trucks need to file those Form 2290’s. Thankfully, e-Tax exists to make filing quick and easy. This results fewer fines and penalties. Fewer fines and penalties mean you can buy more lemonade, among other things…

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