Form 2290 Schedule 1 IRS Fax Number Request

A request of your stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS takes just a few steps. Be sure you have already filed Form 2290 and fully paid 2290 taxes. The IRS cannot send you copy of your stamped Schedule 1 if it has not been filed.

The IRS faxes your stamped Schedule 1 within three business days of receiving the fax request. Include a completed Schedule 1 for the correct tax year with all your VIN’s already listed on the form and have it signed by an officer of the company with your fax cover sheet.

IRS Fax Number Cover Sheet

For your convenience, a fax cover sheet containing the fax number is provided below.

Fax Cover Sheet

IRS Fax Number: 855-386-5124

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Written by Yesenia Carrillo

4 thoughts on “Form 2290 Schedule 1 IRS Fax Number Request”

  1. Is that possible we can get 2017 from from website. We filed last year

    1. Zulfiqar Khan,

      If you filed with us last year we will have your 2017 Form 2290 on file. Login into your account and click “Check Submission Status” or “Schedule 1 Status” to download copies of your documents. If you did not file with us last year then you can contact IRS at 866-699-4096 to request copies of your Form 2290 be sent to you.

      I hope that helps. Call us at 909-596-0050 for further assistance.

      -2290Tax Team

  2. I have tried to fax to this number and it just rings busy, is there a new fax number

    1. Hello Kari,

      The partial government shutdown could have something to do with your fax documents not going through to the IRS. We will update the information found in this article once we are made aware of a new fax number. At this time the fax number has not changed. Team