Are You Ready For The New Year?

The New Year means all kinds of new things. Often the New Year is busier for truckers than anybody else. There are all kinds of permits to renew. There are licenses to renew. There are taxes to file and pay. The list never ends…

Are you ready??

If you are registered IRP, you may have need some of the following state permits. The renewal applications should already be in but it never hurts to double check. Do you have your:

  • New IFTA license and decal?
  • New Mexico permit?
  • New York HUT Sticker?
  • Oregon permit?
  • UCR Registration?
  • Registration Cab Cards?
  • Hazmat Permit?
  • Form 2290?

If you’ve got all these things ready to go (and maybe a few more) you’re in good shape! If you don’t, give us a call here at 2290Tax. We can help you find an agent in your area, or help you get in touch with the state offices you need to finish the job yourself. If you’re registered single state, things may be a little easier.

The New Year

The New Year is a great time to double check everything. Open up the wallet, glove box, or that binder where you keep all your documents. Are all the expiration dates way out there? How about your insurance, your CDL, your truck registration?

If there is anything we can do to help you Please Call Us!! We can help you find someone to help you sort out any of the fine details.

Happy New Year!!

Written by Casey Bullard