The Newest Service on Route 66

Route 66 was not intended to be an all American tourist attraction. Route 66 intent was to run across the U.S. in order to facilitate farmers with the transport and redistribution of their goods. Routes regularly used, prior to the construction of Route 66, were treacherous and uneven.  Route 66 provided a flat drive from California to Chicago.  It gave way for a safe and easy ride across the country. As with farmers, the Mother Road’s easy drive helped it gain popularity with many industries in the country.  The Trucking Industry in particular gained momentum as it provided an easy and reliable way to transport goods. This new route helped make the Trucking Industry become an important competitor, giving the railroad a run for its money.

With its new found popularity, Route 66 was the perfect place to open a new business. Every state from California to Chicago had its own unique attraction or eatery that became a staple of its own. In turn, creating and establishing Americana that we know and love today. is dedicated to the needs of the Trucking Industry. Proudly we can say that is the newest service located on Route 66. Our headquarters are in California about an hour from the Santa Monica Pier, also known as the beginning/end of Route 66. values the importance Route 66 has had for the country and to the Trucking Industry. Naturally, we found it important to be a part of that.

Our CEO regularly treats the staff by taking us out to restaurants found on Route 66. We can just smell the rich history and delicious food as soon as we walk in the doors and that is something you just can’t get anywhere else. With time and with great notable service we want reassure our customers that is a company that provides a service that is also one of a kind.

Written by Yesenia Carrillo

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