17th Annual IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop: Day 2

Date: Wednesday February 25, 2015
Location: Menger Hotel, San Antonio TX

Breakout Session: Distance and Fuel “Stuck in the Truck” Audit Example Continued

The second day we continued to work in our teams on the audit data, trying to figure out what we would do if this were a real audit. They were basically trying to get through an entire audit in less than 2 days (an impossible feat even if the data had been perfect).

The quote of the day was, “If the wheel turns, write it down.”

The thing that most struck me on Wednesday was that these auditors have to get an answer. They have to understand, and they are detail-oriented people. If you’re missing anything, they are going to find it, ask you about it, and if necessary, adjust.

In talking with the auditors throughout the workshop, one thing was pretty clear. The result you get will depend on the auditor you work with, AND on how cooperative you are with that auditor.  If they ask reasonable questions, and get back snarky answers, they will be less likely to help. However, most of the auditors that I talked to (and I didn’t talk with all of them) seemed very willing to work with people who were willing to work with them. A little give and take, professional courtesy, and effort to be nice could prove to go a long way.

Check back tomorrow for the last day of the conference, and the final wrap up!

Written by Casey Bullard

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