Making Your Job Easier: 2290Tax and Paid Preparers

Paid preparers make life easier for many truck drivers who need help submitting their 2290 tax forms, or who simply want to pay someone else to do the paperwork. And if you run a large fleet, a paid preparer is absolutely essential. Paid preparers are the unsung heroes of the trucking industry, quietly submitting tax forms and arranging for Stamped Schedule 1 forms so truckers can focus on the highway and not the IRS.

While an independent truckers may only submit 2290 forms for one truck, a paid preparer does so for hundreds. That means he or she has to enter every truck’s VIN number, suspensions, credits, and other information, arrange for payment of taxes, and deliver Stamped Schedule 1s in a timely manner. Even the most organized of paid preparers can benefit from a little help when dealing with multiple EINs.

At, we believe in making a paid provider’s life as easy as possible. With our paid provider subscription, you can file 2290 forms for unlimited trucks and EINs at the cost of only $20 per e-file. Your account acts as a one-stop system. Once you save information on a particular truck, it’s there waiting for you the next time you need it. You can edit information, suspend or activate vehicles, and submit forms with a few simple mouse clicks. Stamped Schedule 1 forms are automatically available on your account and emailed to you, and you can quickly print reports for large fleets.

A paid preparer account makes it possible for you to work with multiple companies and independent truckers while minimizing paperwork and maximizing efficiency. The faster and more efficiently you operate, the happier your clients, and the more time you have to attract and satisfy the needs of new clients. And that’s the kind of advantage a paid provider can’t do without.

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