7 Best Truck Stops in the Country

A good truck stop is a little piece of Americana, serving hearty down-home food with plenty of amenities to keep truckers refreshed and ready for the open road. You can spot the best truck stops easily—they’re the ones with a steady stream of rigs pulling into and out of the parking lot.

Of course, some truck stops are better than others. Below are seven rest stops generally considered to be the best in the nation, with plenty of amenities to keep truckers well-fed, entertained, and refreshed during their precious down-time.

Clearwater Travel Plaza

Pull into the Clearwater Travel Plaza at Highway 24, off the I-94 on Exit 174 in Clearwater, Montana, and treat yourself to sandwiches and burgers all served on fresh baked bread. The plaza, which includes a gift store and book store, was named one of the top five truck stops in American by the Food Network.

Dysart’s Truck Spot and Restaurant

Located at 530 Coldbrook Road, Bangor, Maine, Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant has been offering hearty meals for truckers since 1967, and is a favorite spot for truckers with its 16-bay service center and wash bay.

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop

The Iowa 80’s unofficial motto might as well be go big or go home. Located off the I-80 on exit 284 in Walcott, Iowa, the Iowa 80 Truck Stop is the largest truck stop in the world. In addition to a wide variety of restaurants, there’s a laundromat, showers, a barbershop, and a dentist’s office. Church services are available every Sunday, there’s a truck museum on site, and the Super Truck Showroom specializes in truck accessories.

Johnson’s Corner

Located at 2842 Southeast Frontage Road, Johnson, Colorado, Johnson’s Corner offers cinnamon buns so famous they’ve started selling them online. Travel and Leisure Magazine ranked the stop’s amazing breakfasts as one the top ten in the world. That’s right, not the USA—the world.

Jubitz Truck Stop

Located at 10210 N. Vancouver Way in Portland, Oregon, the Jubitz Truck Stop was named the World’s Classiest Truck Stop by the FOX Travel Channel. The complex includes the 100-room Portlander Inn, an 80-seat movie theater, and the Ponderosa Lounge, which offers pool tables, video poker, live music on the weekends, and even dance lessons.

South of the Border

Nope, South of the Border isn’t in Mexico. The truck stop is just off the I-95 in Dillon, South Carolina. The rest stop offers six different restaurants, an inn, and a campground. For entertainment, you can visit the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the country and Pedroland, a popular amusement park.

Little America

You might be forgiven for assuming Little America is a luxury resort and not a truck stop. Located at Exit 198 off the I-40 in Flagstaff, Arizona, Little American is a 500-acre hotel with a swimming pool, fitness center, business center, and gold course. The stop has a 24/7 convenience store and the mouthwatering Little America Grill, known for its 50-cent ice cream cones and delectable rotisserie chicken.





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