Pay 2019-2020 Tax Year Form 2290 – Open for PRE FILE

Be The Early Bird!

Get on the fast track, pay and PRE-FILE your 2019-2020 Form 2290 today.

Since the beginning of the year our customers have asked if they can file and pay Form 2290 tax year 2019-2020. The IRS will make the new year 2019-2020 forms available until July 1st. Therefore, no one can file until then. However, you can pay and PRE-FILE through

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Canadian 2290Tax Payments

It has always been tough for Canadians to make American Tax Payments. Not only because they wonder why they are paying Federal Taxes from the USA, or why Americans’ don’t pay a similar tax to use Canadian roads, but also because the Treasury won’t pull funds from a foreign bank through either an ACH or a check.

So What’s a Canadian to Do?

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IRS Annual Shutdown

Urgent: IRS Annual Shutdown is set to begin 12/25. 

What does IRS Annual Shutdown mean? During this time IRS will not accept your online 2290 submissions.

IRS is preparing for the new year, implementing updates to their programming, and fixing problems. All this has to be done, then tested, and only after they KNOW it’s working do they turn the computers back on for electronic filings.

Only available IRS offices can process paper 2290s during the shutdown. We expect IRS to reopen the second week of January

Need your 2290? File now before e-File systems shutdown! 

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PTIN Application How to Guide

The preparer tax identification number (PTIN) is required for those who prepare or assist in preparing federal tax returns for a fee. A paid preparer must have a valid PTIN before preparing returns. Failure to do so can mean facing high penalties if audited by the IRS.

You can avoid inconvenient and costly run-ins with IRS by obtaining your very own PTIN. It’s easy and now FREE to apply for the PTIN. Follow our PTIN Application How to Guide below!

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PTIN Renewal Step by Step Guide

Preparer tax identification number (PTIN) renewals are now being processed. It is required by federal law that anyone who prepares a federal tax return for a fee must have an active PTIN.  You can face high penalties if you don’t. PTIN renewal is easy and now FREE. Follow our PTIN Renewal Step by Step Guide below.

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