Electronic DMV 2290 Submission Pilot Program

As part of 2290Tax.com’s mission to continually serve the trucking industry, we are always looking for ways to create top of the line tools and resources that revolutionize industry norms. We are happy to announce 2290Tax.com’s new pilot program that aims to do just that – the Electronic DMV 2290 Submission Pilot Program.

Electronics DMV 2290 Submission Pilot Program

The pilot program came about out last fall, Director of the Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division, Jay Starling asked 2290Tax.com’s Chief Marketing Officer Casey Bullard what she could do to solve a problem Alabama has encountered for the last 30 years. The state of Alabama is fully electronic in its vehicle registration process except for the Form 2290 HVUT submissions. Paper submission of the 2290 Form hinders their electronic registration procedure, prolonging an otherwise quick registration process.

Every state faces similar challenges when it comes to the vehicle registration process and paper submission of the Form 2290. On a daily basis 2290Tax.com receives calls from frantic taxpayers at DMV offices, unable to renew their vehicle registration due to loosing the 2290 or a discrepancy on the Form 2290. Rejection of a registration renewal means these truckers cannot drive their trucks on public highways legally. Which means they are out of work and unable to receive any income for days or even weeks until their registration renewal is approved.

Casey, fully aware of the problem, agreed to work with Jay and the state of Alabama on finding a solution. We have since created the Electronic DMV 2290 Submission Pilot Program. It’s purpose is to electronically deliver and submit the Form 2290 to the department of motor vehicle. The states will more accurately accept 2290 Forms during the driver registration renewal process. It will significantly reduce the chances for operator mistakes, effectively expediting the vehicle registration renewal process.

To participate we only need an OPT IN from the taxpayer on the e-file 2290 Form processed through 2290Tax.com. No additional fee applied at this time.

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Written by Yesenia Carrillo