Electronic Systems Possibly Replacing IFTA Decals

Decals have often been the source of frustration for many hard working truckers. Decals are stickers issued by a state agency that are attached to the exterior of a truck. They validate its current permission for operation in compliance with the law. IFTA is exploring the idea of going digital to eliminate the need of decals.

Over time decals can fade due to prolonged exposure to weather or even come off during routine washes. Often times, fleet managers and truckers alike, fail to notice that the IFTA stickers are damaged or missing until it’s too late.

According to Transport Topics newspaper, IFTA is determining the pros and cons of going digital. It could very well be a possibility that an electronic system can improve the management and enforcement of the motor-fuel tax. However, some opposed to the idea say that the current placement of decals allows for truck inspectors to easily screen the vehicles and determine weather the truck is compliant. Results of said pros and cons will be presented to IFTA board members early this year.

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Written by Yesenia Carrillo