HVUT Penalty Notice

Every year 2290 taxpayers receive a penalty notice soon after they file. More so, they are confused because they filed between July 1st and August 31st, signifying on time filing, which shouldn’t have prompted the IRS to send out any kind of late notice.

So, why did these folks receive a 2290 penalty notice? One of two things could have occurred. Either the IRS made a mistake or there was information entered incorrectly on Step 4 – Payment Information when the Form 2290 was filed electronically.

IRS Made a Mistake

Before you do anything else, check your bank statement. Make sure that the IRS did not in fact withdraw the money from your account. When you confirm that the IRS did take what was owed then your next step is to give them a call to let them know that they received the payment and ask for them to correct their records. The bank statement is proof enough to show that taxes were indeed paid.

Incorrect Payment Information

You checked your bank statement and saw no attempt by the IRS to withdraw taxes owed. This means that the IRS received incorrect information when the return was e filed. A simple typo in the routing number or account number could of caused the IRS to be unable to locate the account. So, the notice you received is letting you know that account has a unpaid balance.

What To Do

Only if you have an EFTPS account can you schedule an electronic payment again. Everybody else needs to pay their taxes by mail. You simply need to send your check or money order with your payment voucher to the IRS. That will take care of taxes owed.

The IRS notice might seem a bit scary but there is no need to fret, call us and we will happy to further assist you.

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Written by Yesenia Carrillo