IFTA Grace Period Memo

Do you have an IFTA license and sticker? Did you get your new credentials in the mail yet? If not, the grace period is quickly coming to an end.

There is a two months grace period to display your new sticker, and get the new license in the truck. That means you have until the end of February to get up to date.

This grace period is only good for people who have applied for the New Year and are up to date on last year. If you have not yet filed and paid for 3rd Quarter 2013 this grace period does not apply to you.

Still Waiting?

If you haven’t gotten your license and stickers, don’t worry. You’re not alone. There are two ways you can keep trucking without risking a ticket.

Click here to get the PDF document of this memo. Keep it in your truck with your old license and decals. That will educate anyone who wants to pull you over about the grace period so that you shouldn’t get a ticket.

If you don’t have last year’s license and stickers, there’s one more option. You can usually buy a Trip Permit at the state line.

Get Help

If you need to talk to someone in your state because you filed on time but have not yet received the new license and sticker visit https://www.iftach.org/ click on ‘One Stop Shop’ and choose your state or province from the drop down menu.  You’ll find the contact information you need.

Written by Casey Bullard