New EIN & The 2 Week Delay

What do you mean by “New EIN”?

Were you issued your Employer Identification Number just under 2 weeks ago? If the answer is yes, then your EIN is what we like to call “new.” As the IRS states in the picture you can not file your 2290 electronically until the 2 weeks pass. The reason is that it takes two weeks for the your Employer Identification Number to become part of the IRS e-file records.

But I was issued my EIN by the IRS why can’t I use it?

You have a good point. You have your Tax I.D. ready to go, so why can’t you just file your return? Even though you are issued an Employer Identification Number right away as part of the application you cannot electronically file a Form 2290 until those two weeks are up and the system has been updated. The IRS will reject your return if you file too quickly because the e-file computers don’t know the number yet. I know seems a bit silly, but we don’t make the rules the IRS does.

My registration is due and I need to file the 2290 Form, what can I do?

As we inform our customers over the phone daily, if you have a new EIN you have two options: either you wait for the two weeks to pass so you can electronically file or you take to your Form 2290 and file at your local IRS office.

2290Tax gets you your Stamped Schedule 1 within minutes, but a new employer identification number will prolong that process. As in by two weeks. Gives a call and we can further clarify any questions you may have. We are available. Call us today!

Written by Yesenia Carrillo

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