2015 IRP Annual Meeting: Day 3

2015 IRP Annual Meeting – Day 3: Wednesday May 20, 2015

A portion of the meeting today was broken down into three separate round-table discussion topics. The hope was that by splitting the one large group up into several smaller groups, that more questions could be asked and answered, and that they could cover more topics quickly. And it seems that the process was a success. The first topics we covered in the round tables had to do with CVSA and Electronic Inspections, Electronic Credentials, CCMTA and AMVA.

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Electronic Same-Day Federal Tax Payment

Currently, 2290Tax offers three ways to pay your heavy vehicle use tax. However, there are certain situations that these three methods of payment may not be the best choice. If this is the case then you, the taxpayer, are able to do a same-day federal tax payment.

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IRP Annual Meeting 2015: Day 2

2015 IRP Annual Meeting – Day 2: Tuesday May 19, 2015

This morning started off with a welcome from Lynn Riley the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Revenue and the lovely mayor of Savannah, the Honorable Edna Branch Jackson. They were both charming ladies who graciously thanked us for coming to Georgia, and encouraged our efforts to serve the trucking industry.

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Exclusive Coverage – IRP Annual Meeting 2015: Day 1

2015 IRP Annual Meeting – Day 1: Monday May 18, 2015

Folks are still flying in from all over the US and Canada to attend the 2015 IRP Annual meeting in Savannah, GA. While the meeting officially kicks off on Tuesday, there were two different all-day committee meetings today. The first was discussing Jurisdictional Peer Reviews, and the second was the IT and Data Committee meeting. I attended the IT and Data Committee Meeting.

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What Is A 2290 Tax Form?

2290 Tax Form

As defined by the IRS, the 2290 Tax Form is used  to:

  • Calculate and pay the tax due on vehicles that weigh (fully loaded: tractor and trailer) 55,000 lbs or more.
  • Claim suspension from tax for a vehicle that weighs (fully loaded: tractor and trailer) 55,000 lbs or more that is expected to be used 5,000 miles or less (7,500 miles or less for agriculture vehicles) during the taxable period

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Special Equipment: The Kind of Trucks that Don’t Need a 2290

Did you know there are trucks that weigh more than 55,000 lbs, and travel more than 5,000 miles, that DON’T need to file Form 2290? There are a few special kinds of trucks that the IRS doesn’t consider “Highway Motor Vehicles.” We will cover two Categories, but they are all tied together by one key element: Non-Transportation Function.

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Self Driving Vehicles


Vehicles that drive themselves. Seemingly, a concept straight out of the Jetsons. But is our technology advanced enough to make this possible? Well according to Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Google we can expect to see self driving vehicles on our streets like tomorrow! Well not really, but they are close.

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