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Methods of Payment for 2290 Taxes

June 18, 2014

Written by Molly Harris

There are three methods of payment for IRS Form 2290 Taxes. Theses three methods are:

  • Payment Voucher: This method is used if you want to pay your taxes by mailing in a check. Simply print the voucher, write a check with the tax amount due, and mail it off to the U.S. Treasury.
  • Bank Account: To pay by bank account, type in your routing and account number. The website will also ask you for your bank name, account type (checking or savings), and phone number.
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS): This is a government website where you can schedule most federal tax payments. Payments by EFTPS can be made both online or over the phone. We do not recommend this method of payment if you do not already have an existing EFTPS account. You can always register for an EFTPS account at www.eftps.gov or by calling (800) 555-4477.


You select which method of payment you would like to pay your IRS Form 2290 taxes on Step 4. No matter which method you choose, you will still receive your stamped Schedule 1 in about 15 minutes or so.

The IRS does NOT accept credit cards to pay this tax. We wish they did though!