PTIN Renewal

PTIN Basics

A Preparers Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is an IRS business tax identification number issued to paid preparers of U.S. federal tax returns, like the Form 2290. Anyone who receives compensation for preparing tax returns is considered a paid preparer and must have a PTIN issued by the IRS.

PTINs were created to protect the privacy of the tax preparers. Many years ago, paid preparers were required to use their Social Security Number (SSN) to sign documents- which wasn’t very safe!

Do You Need a PTIN?

The trucking industry is an industry like no other, but the IRS still requires paid preparers of Form 2290 to obtain a PTIN. For this reason, the IRS has made these requirements as simple as possible.

Here is an excerpt on the Frequently Asked Questions from

Question:Do I Need a PTIN? Section b. PTIN Scenarios Question 11. Our company prepares Forms 2290 for our clients. It is the only federal tax form we prepare. Are our employees subject to any of the new regulations? (posted 7/13/2011)”

Answer:“Yes, any individual who receives compensation for preparing Forms 2290 is required to register with the IRS and obtain a PTIN. The individual also will be subject to a suitability check, including a tax compliance check and certain individuals will be required to be fingerprinted. However, if the individual does not prepare any Form 1040 series returns for compensation, the individual will not be subject to the competency testing and continuing education requirements scheduled to start in the future.”

What this means to you:

    • If the only Federal tax form you prepare is the Form 2290, you need a PTIN
    • You are exempt from education and testing requirements
    • Renew this number annually

PTIN Update Instructions

If you have read the above and need to apply for or renew your PTIN, please follow this link for step-by-step PTIN update instructions.

Written by Molly Harris