VIN Correction For Your Convenience

Mistakes happen all the time with vehicle identification numbers (VIN). After all, there are up to 17 characters you need to get right.  It’s also easy to make mistakes if you’re in a hurry. Fortunately, correcting wrong VIN numbers is easy and it’s part of the services we offer.

No Need to Worry

If there is a mistake, don’t worry. After all, making a correction on the Form 2290 is easy.  Since the introduction of e-filing, things have become more convenient. All you have to do is e-file an amended Form 2290.

The Way It Used to Be

VIN correction used to be a tedious process that took months to complete. The US Mail is slow and can take weeks to complete. These days, e-filing corrections only takes a few minutes.

The speed and ease involved in e-filing VIN corrections has actually enabled us to offer you this service for free. So if you didn’t get your VIN numbers right the first time you e-filed, all you need to do is get in touch with us. We’ll gladly help you get your Schedule 1. If you filed your Form 2290 manually or did not file it electronically with us, our company is still willing to help. Call us now and we’ll let you know about the options available to you.